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  • 501691 Espada de los caballeros templarios Faithke
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501691 Faithkeeper Knights Templar Sword

The Order of the Knights Templar had faith as its main driving force. Faith in God, faith in the mission and his faith in others. This sword is a testament to these brave knights. Windlass Steelcrafts" finest master craftsmen have painstakingly worked on each blade, hand-forging high-carbon steel for perfect balance and optimum speed and durability. Wielding this sword in your hand will transport you to the time of the Crusades where this magnificent sword could be a witness and a co-participant in the fight in the Holy Land.

This sword is made up of a real leather pommel lined by hand and of solid steel pieces also finished by hand that reflect how resistant and beautiful this piece really is.

The knob has an embedded coin, a tribute to Bohemond II, Crusader Prince of Antioch. The cross guard is inscribed on both sides with the Latin phrase Christus Vincit ~ Christus Regnat - Christ Conquers ~ Christ Reigns.

The high carbon steel blade is fluted on both sides and has a perforated Cross of the Knights Templar on the ricasso.

The sword includes a matching scabbard made of quality leather and a vintage belt decorated with the seal and cross of the Templar order. This sword is truly essential for anyone passionate about the history of the Knights Templar.

Total Length: 104 cm
Blade Length: 84 cm
Blade Width: 5
Thickness Blade length: 47 mm
Weight: 1,559 g
High carbon steel material
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501691 Faithkeeper Knights Templar Sword

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