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  • Bosworth Longsword - Ref. 501505
REF: 501505

Bosworth Longsword - Ref 501505

Bosworth Longsword, longsword from the Windlass Steelcrafts BattleCry Collection. Specifically designed to be used. It is made of 1065 carbon steel with a darkened finish. Extra wide tang and hardened to about 50RC. It carries a pre-sharpened blade that has undergone rigorous testing. Handmade by master craftsmen who make this sword unique. Includes matching sheath with belt clip and decorated box.

Certificate of authenticity signed by the master craftsman who forged the blade.

The sword was the central weapon of the Science of Defense and an indispensable part of cavalry technique of arms for centuries. This sword is no exception. A beautifully proportioned weapon with dynamic handling qualities, it is a harmony of mass and dimensions. Two-handed handle finished in a diamond-shaped knob. Named after the late 15th century battle during the Wars of the Roses, the ebony-toned Bosworth "queen of arms" is a swift sword, with a slender handle and surprisingly light weight for its size. br>
Matching sheath included.

Total Length: 120 cm
Blade Length: 92 cm
Blade Width: 4 cm
Weight: 1.305 g
Balance Point Length: 9cm Below Grip
1065 Carbon Steel
Edge: Sharp
Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®

The BattleCry Collection of historic swords, daggers and axes has been designed in collaboration with John Clements, whose knowledge of historical fencing and medieval and renaissance fighting methods is second to none. Hand forged by Windlass Steelcrafts from 1065 carbon steel and tempered in computer controlled ovens at 50 RC. This ensures strength, toughness and edge retention. The swords have wide, full tangs and are all razor-sharp.

Each model has undergone rigorous physical testing to exceed all expectations. These battle weapons have a blackened finish. Each piece is individually inspected at each step of the manufacturing process, and only after passing the inspection received by master gunsmiths, do they stamp their stamp on the blade. Included with each model is a certificate signed by the craftsman who worked on your matching blade and scabbard.

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Bosworth Longsword - Ref 501505

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