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The beginning of this kind of the ammunition goes back centuries ago when the cannons gave dummy bombs a way of greeting in celebrations with the presence of some authority or when the military made exercises of combats simulation.

For ancient dummy bombs uses charges without projectile, or with rags projectiles, and emulating these procedures. Later turns to ceremonies with hand weapons. With the arrival of the breech-loading (the cannons are no loaded from the end by that it will leave the projectile but that they are loaded from back) it began the manufacture of different calibers and models using special cases or cases already used and recharged to make blanks.



Blank firing Revolver Chiefs Special Combat .380 Smith & Wesson.


The cartridges of the type or magazine weapons or shot to shot are loaded with powder closed with "a star" closing or with a cover of different material that is broken at the moment of the explosion of the powder. If the weapon is semiautomatic or automatic the powder charge it has to be sufficient to make the automatization.

At the moment you can obtained blank ammunition that correctly makes the automatization correctly  from a automatic gun, or a machine gun of those of last generation.



According to the characteristics of the construction of the weapon its legal classification is different reason why it is necessary to analyze them to fit them legally.


Colt Blank firing pistol Government 1911 A1 model.

On the one hand we have guns that have been created to shoot blank ammunition, replica that its only function that is useless with conventional ammunition. Its usually makes generally with little resistant materials like plastic or alloys, without appropriate magazine,and without  appropriate striae or tubes; These work with different mechanisms like the firearms, although simulating their movements, giving more realism, in the action and with its same visual and sonorous effects, but they could not never be shot with the ammunition authenticates.


Blank firing pistol Walther PP9 model.

The pistols of blank and guns of blank, are raplica with the unique function to shoot blank ammunition, reproducing the original firearms. According to its constructive characteristics, its legal classification is not the same one, in these it is necessary to analyze them to fit them legally.

Art. 3° Inc.. 1° of the Annexed I to the Decree 395/75, Prescribed of the National Law of Guns and Explosives N° 20,429, says that the firearms are those that use gas energy produced by the powder deflagration to shoot projectiles at a distance. The blank pistols not to have this function, but its function is to reproduce its effects (flash, backward movement of the track, boom), therefore are not material that must include in the terms of the National Law of guns and explosives being free its possession. Nevertheless its commercialization is restricted by the law 24,703 to armories or specialized sport hauses,and its sale prohibits minor people and tie aspects to conditions of security for their use are regulated, conservation...



Browning blank firing GPDA9 model.

On the other hand to shoot blank ammunition also other mechanisms can be used. Firearms can be found originally that have become to shoot blank ammunition, being guns single apt for blank ammunition. These guns have a complex situation, the putting out of action must depend on the type of weapon that treats and has to be approved by the National Registry of Guns.

For change the legal situation of the weapon it must have a supervision in the tasks of modification of the elementary measures of security, it could have a deficient  unusable weapon whose magazine have by error authenticate ammunition, or fissures with loosening of material of the debilitated parts take place, etc.

The definitive putting out of action of the weapon must be verified by the National Registry of Guns that will extend an official certificate that of certainty of the verification of the putting out of action of the weapon.


Blank firing Norica Pistol Mod 38 Magnum.

Art. 8° of the Annexed I to the Decree the 395/75 "... portable and nonportable guns of made unusable model subsequent to year 1870... in permanent and definitive form for their use, could be acquired and be had con.arreglo. to the regime established... for the classified guns of civil use..."

In some countries, like comparison, special policies like Italy stay where it is demanded that the blank guns are different clearly from you authenticate them with a red cork in the end of the tube. Canada you talk back them of firearms, except the historical ones, are prohibited, political similar to the one of Japan. In Spain one takes to a meticulous procedure for the putting out of action of the guns.


For the blank guns the ammunition that uses are difference of authenticates it. The main difference is that the blank ammunition does not have a metallic projectile, but this does not mean that these ammunition do not inflict injury, although this it will depend on the caliber and the type.

In spite of not have projectile to equal the all ammunition it gives off energy, will be fire, elements given off through the tube by the combustion, sound and and displaced air through the tube reason why at the moment at which we loaded it must maintain the same precautions that if it took the standard ammunition.



 Umarex blank ammunition .380 9mm


In some accidents have taken place since at the time of load a weapon the ammunition has been confused, or cases in which one thought that the ammunition be of blank and in fact was the ammunition with case agolletade in its end that contains pellets("survival" ammunition), or  ammunition designed to load nails machines. In some cases to avoid these confusions identical arms to the original ones make but those of blank they have another caliber



Blank ammunition Umarex 9mm

The present ammunition are prepared for a minimum elimination of remainders through the tube that could affect people who were near, a good expulsion of the cases, and, most important, the same noise and much fire like a real weapon (sometimes more).



Walther blank ammunition of 15mm

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