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BSA airguns:

BSA SuperTEN MK3 airgun:

bsa-S10MK3-airgun.jpgBSA SuperTEN MK3 airgun carbine

The multishot SuperTen airgun carbine was BSA's the first precharged airgun and since then it has been an award winning and a word best seller. Developed and designed in conjunction with John Bowkett, one of the best freelance designers of the world. This BSA airgun combines full power, match precision and a big shot capacity and its named by many experts as the ultimate sporting air rifle. There is the unique airgun in the market thas offers a combination of multi adjustable match standard trigger, fully regulated power supply, high sooting capacity and a floating BSA barrel with specially designed silencer and 10 shot autoload pellet magazine system. It is avaliable in rifle and carbine versions. There is no other airgun that can perform the BSA SuperTen.

All PCP airguns are supplied with the appropiate filling adaptor.

• SuperTEN MK3 94cm/37in 43cm/17in 3.9kg/8.6lbs bsa-S10MK3-carbine.gifPower regulator:
Fully regulated power means there is no power curve and this ensures the consistency, dependable accuracy throughout the charge. trigger-bsa-airgun.gifHigh shot capacity:
More than 200, 11-plus ft.lbs. shoot per charge in .22, from the bottle of 200cc. S10MK3-bsa-airgun.gifSilenced equipped barrel:
Equipped with one of our SuperTen Silencers, leaders in the market, this precision silencer its made by us especially for the BSA SuperTen airgun carbine. bsa-airgun-S10MK3.gifMulti adjustable standard trigger:
Adjustable in no less than 10 positions, the mechanism of this trigger brings you the true control of this shooting sport.

BSA SuperTEN MK3 Bullbarrel airgun:

Bullbarrel-bsa-airgun.jpgBSA SuperTEN MK3 Bullbarrel airgun carbine

This version of the conquest of all SuperTen airguns gives you all improved characteristics that make it a world best seller. Silencer has been improved too. Inside the barrel there is a high technology baffled system that reduces the muzzle blast to the minimum while the SuperTen accuracy and handling. Its available in carbine and rifle versions, both available in next designs: Superb, oiled walnut or beech. This stocks has been designed by John Sykes, fully adjustable in elevation and windage and with maxi grid stock. You have to add all range of specifications of the award winners SuperTen airgun carbines and will be no dude that BullBarrel adds a new member to the BSA airguns family. All precharged airguns come fully equipped with the filling adaptor. Its is available in carbine and rifle versions.

• SuperTEN MK3 Bullbarrel 85cm/331/2in 33cm/131/4in 3.6kg/7.9lbs bsa-S10MK3-carbine.gifPower regulator:
Fully regulated power means that there is no power curve and ensures consistent, dependable accuracy thorough the charge. trigger-bsa-airgun.gifHigh shooting capacity:
More than 200, 11-plus ft.lbs. shots per charge in .22, from the bottle of 200cc. bsa-airgun-carbine.gifMultiple shots:
Proven BSA system, 10 shots. Easy use, totally reliable and with auto load system. bsa-airgun-S10MK3.gifMulti adjustable standard trigger:
Adjustable at least in 10 positions, the mechanism of this trigger brings you the really control to the shooting sport.

BSA Ultra airgun:

bsa-Ultra-airgun.jpgBSA Ultra airgun carbine

Take the fast, direct concept of micro moving action cocking, add a spring assisted loading bolt and built everything in a compact and fully chequered stock, full power, precharged pneumatic action, match accurate barrel and a silencer. You are looking at the coolest airgun of the market. The BSA Ultra airgun provides top quality specifications, performance and unique handling qualities in a medium height and stylish carbine. Ultra airgun carbine also includes a set of scopemaster professional mount and silencer. Perfectly designed and balanced for fast targeting acquisition. This carbine is called to take your feelings to an exciting new level. BSA Ultra is the ideal hide hunting airgun you are waiting for.

All airguns are supplied with the appropriate filling adaptor.

• Ultra 82cm/32in 36cm/14in 2.6kg/5.7lbs bsa-Ultra-carbine.gifFull power action:
Inside the BSA Ultra airgun there is all necessary power to hunt any recognised quarry airgun species. bsa-Ultra-shotgun.gifMMC system:
This system is a security system. Once the airgun is charged you have to push this button (it has a micro movement, about 14 millimetres) with the fingerprints with no big movements to spook your quarry. silencer-bsa-airgun.gifSilencer equiped:
The full power of the BSA Ultra airgun is silenced by the mini SAS moderator included. shotgun-Ultra-bsa.gifTwo stage trigger:
Adjustable to fit the shooter preferences and with a security button.

Carabina BSA Ultra MultiShot:

bsa-Ultra-multishot.jpgCarabina BSA Ultra MultiShot:

The Ultra MultiShot airgun adds autoload capability to the BSA Ultra airgun. The method to autoload is in the form of BSA's 10 shot pellet magazine. The BSA Ultra MMC cocking system and the spring load pellet probe works superbly with the 10 shot pellet magazine. That allows the shooter to shot ten times without taking the air gun off aim. Imagine the advantage that gives you in the hunting ground. Other of the characteristics of the BSA Ultra MultiShot are its expertly crafted, fully chequered stock and a quick fit charging system, everything with the quality of BSA. The BSA Ultra and the BSA Ultra MultiShot come with charging adaptor, scope mounting grooves, silencer, spare seals and lubricant.

All PCP airguns are supplied with its filling adaptor.

• Ultra Multishot 82cm/32in 36cm/14in 2.7kg/5.9lbs bsa-airgun-carbine.gifMultiple shooting system:
Proved BSA system to autoload 10 shots. Easy use and completely secure. bsa-Ultra-carbine.gifFull power action:
Inside the BSA airgun is all the necessity power to hunt any recognised airgun quarry species.
bsa-Ultra-shotgun.gifMMS system:
Once the airgun is charged this button have to be pressed to enable shooting. This is accessible button that makes a micro movement of about 14 millimetres. You can press it easily with your fingerprints without off aim. silencer-bsa-airgun.gifSilencer equipped:
The high shooting power of the BSA Ultra airgun is silenced by the included mini SAS silencer which screws directly to the threaded muzzle.

BSA Scorpion airgun:

bsa-scorpion-airgun.jpg BSA Scorpion airgun carbine

This is the perfect airgun for shooter who prefer traditional design. The BSA Scorpion airgun is a straightforward performance teamed with a solid built quality. The Scorpion carbine is a single shot airgun and it is designed to easy and quickly use with a quick fit charging system. The Scorpion's barrel is fully floating, the break barrel is set deeply at the beginning of the airgun to ensure total stability and it is fully equipped to take a silencer. A big pellet loading bay ensures easy and quick loading and the ergonomic lever is designed to easy use for right and left handed people. Practical and built to work all life like the first day without big maintenance. BSA Scorpion airgun provides the performance while you get on with the shooting.

All PCP airgun are supplied with the appropriated filling adaptor.

• Scorpion Carbine 85cm/331/2in 38cm/15in 3.1kg/6.8lbs bsa-Scorpion-airgun.gifFull power action:
The BSA Scorpion airgun offers you more than 70 shots in 11-plus ft.lbs. In calibre .2. More than you will need in any situation. bsa-airgun-Scorpion.gifFully floating barrel:
Made by BSA airgun specially for the Scorpion carbine. Precision barrel and threaded for silencer. bsa-airgun-accesory.gifSlick bolt action:
The loading of the BSA Scorpion airgun is made by this lever. It can be changed to left handed users easily. chequered-Scorpion-airgun.gifFully chequered stock:
Crafted in lacquered beech, this stock comes completely chequered to fit the shooter perfectly and it is fully anti sliding.

BSA Scorpion T10 airgun:

bsa-carbine-airgun.jpgBSA Scorpion T10 airgun carbine

The BSA Scorpion series of airguns was created for the shooter that loves uncluttered design and supreme function. With the addition of the Tactical series stock and the BSA's 10 shot autoload pellet magazine system, the Scorpion airgun has something special. The fully floated barrel ensures accuracy and it comes threaded to any to fit any of our dedicated silencers. All the BSA Scorpion airguns run recoilless, precharged pneumatic action, bolt action cocking and two stage, precision, adjustable triggers. The Scorpion is a top performance sporter airgun.

• Scorpion T10 Carbine 85cm/331/2in 38cm/15in 3.1kg/6.8lbs



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