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Argentine dagger and Facon Caronero knife.


Between the Argentine knives we were with two of less well-known, the Argentine dagger and the caronero knife.


The argentine dagger:

This dagger has long and thin blade, but its definitive characteristic is the one to have double edge.

Normally the daggers have a guard or very short defense, or directly they do not have it. 

The dagger was a weapon greater than the knife and minor who facon knife.



Argentine Gaucho in your horse.


Facon Caronero knife:


The Caronero knife is a dagger but from very long blade and its name comes from the old.

CARONERO: facon made often by its enormous size of sword blade, saber, etc, that the countryman took formerly under caronas of his message.


Caronero knife characterized by its big measures.

The caronero knife is characterized to have a blade of up to 80 centimeters, own hunting, like weapon or killing head of cattle. 

The "caronera" took in the message, between the two caronas, and from it takes its name there.

The caroneras ones did not have hand guard or sparrowhawk generally, to facilitate their exit of the message.



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