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Cold Steel has its headquarters in Ventura, California (United States). This company makes and sells knives, swords and other sharp weapons and tools (daggers, tomahawks, survival tools…). Cold Steel was founded in 1980 by the actual chairman of the cutlery, Lynn C. Thompson. Its products are made in several counties as Japan, Taiwan, China and India.

Cold Steel sells a wide range of hunting and cooking products and tactical knives and swords. It also offers a variety of items of personal defence of varied specialities and training DVDs. San Mai III is its most popular and famous steel. In the most of the Cold Steel is used steel VG-1, that compared with other knives made with different steels are superiors in its edge.

Cold Steel is constantly making knives with new designs and improving the old knives. The Cold Steel sharp weapons are at the forefront of the novelty and creativity in the world of the cutlery.

Some of the knives of the catalogue are:

Black Sable: This Cold Steel knife has been improved trough several years until get the most exigent satisfaction grade. It has a blade of 10.6 cm. of length and 3.5 cm. of width. It is made with stainless steel SAN MAI III. The length of the handle is 10.84 cm. and it is elaborated with titanium and Micarta. It adds a double polished mirror pocket.


The blade of the Cold Steel knife Black Sable has been elaborated with steel SAN MAI III.


Laredo Bowie: It has a long and heavy blade, made in Steel Carbon V, that offers perfect cut and balance. The edge is extremely slim and permits the maximum precision. The blade measures 26’70 cm.

The blade, black, polished of Micarta, is as resistant as beautiful. It adapts itself for the hand to give the best holding in the cut. The total length of the knife is 39.90 cm.

The knife Laredo Bowie has brass rivets to avoid breaking the handle. Furthermore, it includes a magnificent leather sheath to keep the knife.


The knife Laredo Bowie of Cold Steel includes a skin sheath and has a resistant and heavy blade.


Kobun: In Japan, the mean of Kobun is soldier and because of this fact was design this knife, with the objective to be a good soldier.

The blade (14 cm. long) is made with Steel 420 Sub Zero Quench.

The handle, which is 11cm long, is design to offer the maximum possible adaptation to the hand and to do cut more exactly. It is made with Kraton.

The sheath that adds is called Concealex; it is ready to hold on a belt or in a boot.



The blade of the knife Kobun of Cold Steel is made with Steel 420 Sub Zero.

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