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Italian company Extrema Ratio is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of knives and razors. They have a large market with a wide typology of knives. Some of their models are survival knives, multiporpuse knives, camp knives, diving knives, bayonets... One of the most popular types are Extrema Ratio combat knives.  To demonstrate the quality of these knives they must be used in hand-to-hand combat. They are employed mainly by the armed forces of different countries as part of military equipment. Nonetheless, they can be purchased by any user who wishes to have an exceptionally designed and functional piece within their hands.


Extrema Ratio is an important company engaged in the manufacture of weapons

There are different models that respond to the type of combat knife within the wide range of Extrema Ratio. These models are: Supressor knife, Pugio knife, Col Moschin knife, Adra knife and 39-09 knife. We discuss briefly the four latest models. You can read about Supressor knife in the link at the bottom of this website.

Pugio knife of Extrema Ratio:

The name of this knife refers to the knife used by the legions and auxiliariaresof Rome at the end of the Republican age (I century B. C.) and during the Imperial age (I-III century A. D.): the pugio. The archaeological and documentary evidence about the use of pugio in the battle filde are not very extensive. Its main use is undoubtedly as a weapon for combat, although the pugio was also used as an sign of prestige, granting status to the person who carried it.

Therefore, many of these daggers were stored in sheaths decorated with fine layers of rich metals. The pugio was a dagger measuring 200-250 mm in length by at least 5 mm wide.


Pugio knife is inspired by the ancient Roman dagger. The photo shows the finished "testudo"

Extrema Ratio took inspiration from the morphology of the pugio to design their knife. Extrema Ratio's pugio has a total length of 210 mm, including a blade which is 110 mm long. The knife is light thanks to its 200 grams of weight. The pugio knife is therefore a small, light weapon that is capable of going unnoticed. One of the pugio knife's main features is the absence of guards, thereby preventing the dagger from becoming tangled at the moment of combat. It also displays a blade with two concave indentations, and its thickness is 6.3 mm, similar to other knives made by Extrema Ratio. The material the blade is made from is steel mixed with cobalt, N690 (58HRC) which is extremely hard and resistant to impacts. The handle is made from forprene and is shaped like a cuttlebone. The knife comes with a hard, resistant sheath with an automatic retention system and a locking belt. This knife is available in the Desert Warfare version, suitable for activities carried out in dry landscapes.


Pugio knife of Extrema Ratio Desert Warfare

A.D.R.A. knife of Extrema Ratio:

This knife was manufactured by Extrema Ratio in honour of the Arditi Distruttori Regia Aeronautica (A.D.R.A) which can be translated into English as the ?daring? destroyers of the Italian Air Force. The Artidi Regiment was created during the II World War, in 1942. Italy entered into war in support of Germany and Japan, and together with them it formed the so-called Tripartite Axis which would take on the allied forces. However, following the allied invasion of the Italian Peninsula in 1943, the Italians became divided. Some positioned themselves on Mussolini's side, in support of the German forces. It was at this point that the Salò Republic was created (on German territory). On the other hand, the government of the new president Pietro Badoglio took the side of the allies.


The regiment Arditi Distruttori Regia Aeronautica was born in the middle of Second World War

The Italian unit ADRA's role was to carry out sabotage activities on hostile planes, airfields, seaplanes, etc. To do this they often jumped using parachutes onto the enemy rearguard and landed on runways to steal enemy planes. Basically, they tried to do everything in their power to damage the logistics of the enemy. The ADRA unit was composed of voluntary soldiers, however, both the selection and training were quite strict. The objective was to teach these valiant soldiers to resist all forms of setbacks and difficulties that may arise when carrying out a mission. The heirs of the Arditi nowadays are the members of the Special Unit of the Italian air forces called the 17th Stormo Incursori.


ADRA knife is used by Italian Armed Forces

ADRA´s knife has a double blade of 178 mm. Blade thickness is 6.3 mm. and it has a serration on the blade. The handle is made of forprene for easy grip. The material of the knife is again steel and cobalt N690 (58HRC). ADRA knife is available in three different versions.

One of them is ADRA Operativa, burnished, without military logo and comes with calf sheath. The second model is ADRA Ordenanza 17º Stormo. This knife is burnished and shows 17º Stormo logo. It comes in ABS case engraved with both calf and sand color ceremonial belt sheath. Finally there is ADRA 17º Stormo Special Edition knife, numered. It comes in wooden case and satin finished blade and parts. The knife shows 17º Stormo logo and motto and ceremonial belt sheath.



ADRA knife in ABS case


Col Moschin knife of Extrema Ratio:

This model of combat knife also takes its inspiration from the Arditi, more specifically from one of its models of dagger with an asymmetric blade. Col Moschin is the name given to the 9th Parachute Regiment of Attack of the Italian Army. It is one of the most renowned forces in Italy thanks to its unique history and the long training its soldiers receive. Its history is strongly linked to the Arditi; recently they have carried out missions in different locations such as Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, Somalia and Iraq.


Col Moschin military unit armed with combat knife Extrema Ratio

Col Moschin knife is very handy and intuitive.  The tip of this knife is very sharp ideal for use as a combat knife. It has double-edge blade of 160 mm. in lenght and 6.3 mm. thick, integral guard, and a detachable handle. The manufacturing material is similar to previuos knives.


Col Moschin knife with blade steel N690 (58HRC)

39-09 knife of Extrema Ratio:

This knife also took inspiration from ancient knives which now form part of collections of military knives from the period. We are referring to the Pugnale da paracadutista assaltatore mod. 1939., a knife which was used by the Italian army during the Second World War. Extrema Ratio, following the initiative of the Operative Command of the Italian Special Forces and its commander Gen Bertolini, has applied its techniques to offer a new version of the Pugnale mod. 1939. This was the history of the creation of Extrema Ratio's 39-09 knife, which retains the basic morphology of the original but incorporates new innovations to perfect the model. To achieve this, the structure of the knife has been reinforced using new materials (Bohler steel N690 -58HRC). The length of the blade is 190 mm, which along with the handle combines to make a total length of 315 mm. The 39-09 knife by Extrema Ratio is presented in a small case and is accompanied by a hard cover which can be attached to the calf, suitable for parachutists. It also includes a ceremonial cover which attaches to the belt at an angle of 45º, similar to how they were worn by the Italian soldiers of the last century.


Col Moschin knife and 1939 original knife with wooden handle

This knife is available in three different versions.  39-09 Operativo knife is one of them. This knife comes with leg sheat. 39-09 Ordinanza C.O.F.S. knife, comes with logo and C.O.F.S. motto, ABS case, leg sheat and ceremonial belt sheath. And finally the 39-09 Special Edition C.O.F.S. knife with wooden handle and satin finished blade and metalic parts. It comes with COFS logo and motto in black wooden case with ceremonial belt sheath.

These are various models of combat knives Extrema Ratio thanks to its functionality, efficiency, modernity and desing can be viewed as true works of art of the knife industry.


39-09 combat knife Special Edition of Extrema Ratio


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