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Multi tool Leatherman pocket knives.

The Leatherman multi tool penknives are chosen by the fans to the field and the activities outdoors from their appearance in the market, do about 25 years approximately.

These pocket knives in addition to being multifunctions, are stainless steel 100% and they have become essential also for electricians, navigators, machinists, agriculturists, mechanical, motorists, repairers... 


Leatherman pocket knife called multi tool by the fans of the penknives too.


The Letherman company was found in the year 1975 when Tim Leatherman had a trave to Europe with little budget and it ended very of its simple knife of hiker who did not serve to him as much when she had to fix the faucet of its room or to repair its old car. With this it reached the conclusion that what really needed was a compact knife with good pliers, but at the moment did not exist no tool thus in the market.

Engineer of profession, Tim dedicated the eight following years to design a new one and more useful compact tool and in 1983 began the production of original knife LEATHERMAN.


Leatherman penknife of the JUICE serie with a special design.


Today LEATHERMAN is leader in the industry of the multipurpose pocket knives, which are made in the U.S.A. with a demanding quality level, having used stainless steel 100% and endorsed with 25 years of guarantee.

Between the Leatherman penknives we can find the series of Charge penknives. One of the looked for models but of the market of this series is the Charge XTI pocket knife.


Image of the Leatherman Charge XTI penknife.


The Charge XTI penknife is made with tree noble materials, the titanium, the diamond and the bronze, and the main characteristics of this penknife are: 

* Titanium handles: They cause that the Leatherman penknife is light of weight and as well protects also the outer leaves of the pocket knife.

* Bronze screws: They allow to an express and smooth drive of the outer leaves of the pocket knife.

* Blockade individual of each use:  It provides a greater security.

* More resistant jaws: They were already strongest of the market and now a 133% its resistance has been increased to the torsion.


Leatherman LM8 B penknife, of its Micra serie of pocket knives.


* Lima with diamond: The Leatherman penknives are the unique ones with this characteristics.

* Versatile: Three supports for screwdriver ends allow to have prepared the Charge penknife for their habitual activity and the cover allows to store the other ends him to have them always accessible.

* 154 cm Steel:  The edge of the blade of the penknife is 3 times more effective than the one of a pocket knife made with habitual stainless steel 420. The blade of the penknife is ended a process of greater glass finish for a polished one, making it smooth and resistant to the corrosion.

* New design in the jaws: With it one has obtained that the cable cutter has a cut area a greater 58%. After cutting to repeated times the song of a currency, it cuts a monofilament without problem some.


Multi tool Leatherman pocket knife is called SUPERTOOL.


* Cutter of hook: The penknife multipurpose Charge XTI is the first tool provided with hook cutter, of utility in situations of emergency, the work or activities outdoors. In order to quickly cut lap belts, skin, leather, etc.

* The ends of screwdriver of the Charge penknife: Each end is designed and made with steel for S2 tools (HRC59), in accordance with the high levels of exigency of Leatherman. More forts are a 35% than the stainless steel. A zinc covering makes more resistant to the corrosion. With exact profiles, they have a Rockwell hardness of 59 in scale C.

* Sheat: Available in skin or nylon, it can contain the closed or open tool. It has 2 additional compartments to take to a lantern Solitaire de Mag-Lite or a knifegrinder of Spyderco pocket (for example). The back compartment is for putting the ends with which the Charge or the Leatherman comes Bit Kit (that is an optional accessory that contains 42 ends). The front compartment can contain its paper clip of pocket and the curtain ring to hang, when they are not used.



Universal Leatherman sheat valid for all the penknives of the mentioned mark.

* Accesories: it is not wanted to use cover the paper clip can be used to hold the Charge to the clothes, stock market or knapsack. The security curtain ring can also be used. Both elements can separate of the Charge when it is wanted.



Leaherman Pocket Knives

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