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Collection of swords of the famous film "The Lord of the Rings".


The scimitar of the orcos

Dardo sword, the sword of Frodo.

uruk-hai-sword.jpg sting-sword.jpg The scimitar of the Orcos. The Uruk-Hai is a race of orcos, creatures evil single-breasted uniform jackets created by Sarumán. They carry its symbol, the white hand, in its shields and helmets. They are sent to attack the members of the community of the ring. They are armed with scimitars, forged in the mines of Orthanc. The sword of Frodo. It is a given magical sword to Frodo by his Bilbo uncle and who was made by the elfos in the old days. Bilbo took the sword in the principles when it cleared the ring to him to Gollum. The leaf shines in the dark when there are orcos watching. It has a élfico engraving in the steel.

Glamdring sword, the sword of Gandalf

Handhafang sword, the sword of Arwen

glamdring-sword.jpg arwen-sword.jpg The sword of Gandalf. It is one old sword grasped by Gandalf the Gray, the powerful friend of Frodo handbag. "Glamdring" is a magical sword that shines in the presence of the enemy and who serves to Gandalf in his mission to help the community of the ring. It was forged by the old elfos and is recorded with runo of élfico that says that it was forged for Turgon, the king of Gondolín. The sword of Arwen. "Handhang" quire to say "leaf of multitudes". Once it belonged to élfica princess Idril, wife of Tuor. Registered in the leaf of the sword, there is runas in sinadrín that says "is called Handhafang this sword, a noble defense against enemy multitudes, for a noble lady".

Montaraz sword, the sword of Aragorn

Narsil sword, the sword of Elendil

strider-sword.jpg narsil-sword.jpg The sword of Aragorn. Aragorn is the son of Arathorn, a heir of the kingdom of Góndor. His Isildur ancestor was the legendary king who cut the ring of being able of the hand of Saurón with his sword "Narsil". Aragorn has served as montaraz and is united to the community of the ring to destroy the ring that threatens the Average Earth. The sword of Elendil, is perhaps the famous sword but of the trilodge. At the end of the second age of the Average Earth, the leaf of "Narsil" broke when Elendil fell in completes alliance of men and elfos in the great battle against Saurón, creating fragments of "Narsil". Isildur, the son of Elendil, used the broken sword to cut the ring of the finger of Saurón doing to vanish its dark to be able.

Ringwraiths swords, the sword of espectros

Witchking sword, the sword of King Brujo

ringwraiths-sword.jpg witchking-sword.jpg The sword of the phantoms. The phantoms, also calls black riders, are the crew members in the shade of Saurón. It can feel when it is close the ring and can see much but clear the carrier when this is put it. The sword was made by dark Earth blacksmiths of Mordor. It has an authentic wearing down of battle in the grip. The sword of the king wizard. This old and evil sword is grasped by King Brujo, the the nine leader of phantom, the indestructible crew members of Saurón. Like their minions, can see with clarity the carrier of the ring when this is put it. The sword of king Brujo was elaborated by the Earth blacksmiths of Mordor, under the orders of its Mr. Saurón.


The sword of Frodo, hobbit that saved of badly to the Average Earth in "the Gentleman of the Ring", was forged in a forge of Toledo. Not the one that takes in the films but if the retort of the high range that makes since project first film. 

Conan, the Inmortales, Hercules and princess Xena, among other heroes of the great screen and the television, also brandished swords of Toledo to face their main enemies. Even the ring of being able of the saga created by J.R.R. Tolkien surgio of a corner of the smelting of Marto swords, a company with 40 years of history whose central seat is in Olías del Rey (Toledo), to little kilometers of the city manchega, and that has become the armory but asked for by the enthusiastic ones of the fantasy and action cinema.

Marto swords, whose salts always plows made to by to greater, decided one decade ago to to enter themselves in the complicated sector of the cinematographic licenses of marketing research. The company there are the exclusively feature to distribute in Spain retorts of the swords of "the lord of the rings" who receives from the to foreigner. They plows eight arms without edge that take to certificate of autentic, for seal essential the incondionales of the work of Tolkien and of course, for the collectors of the swords of the Lord of the Ring.   But, in addition, the company you produce to sword of superior Frodo of quality that cannot be commercialized in Spain and that single dog be sold to traves of catalogues and Internet in 200 the U.S.A. with to price that surpasses dolars. 

They are the paradoxes of the world of the licenses. But the product family of épica of Tolkien does not finish in her spectacular swords of the members of the community of the ring, the phantoms and their evil pursuers, but that includes some of imitation jewellery articles, silver and gold.  

There is manifold versions and sizes of the indestructible ring with which it must load Frodo in its adventure by tenebrous places. The brass hoops will be made in Marto Swords, whereas those of noble metals - the one of gold can cost up to 525 euros and has unconditional that do not doubt to buy it- take place in Palma de Mallorca and they commercialize fromToledo.  

The ring of being able, identical to the one of the film, takes to engraving in its inner circumference a message written in the language of Mordor, country of the dark: "A ring to govern them to all. A ring to find them... A ring to attract them all... and to tie them in the darknesses".

The factory and the smelting which they leave the swords of Marto, are located in an attached building to the one of the expository room. Some thirty workers is in charge to cut the steel, to give form him and to polish it to trasform it in the cutting weapons "without edge" that soon are distributed in different points of sale from the country. In the factory there are innumerales machines to develop different functions, but there is an essential activity in the process, - the smoothed one of the rough steel that althought today is made by hand to hammer blow. Once the edge this apalanado good and with the suitable form, is introduced in a furnace to more than thousand degrees before happening to the polishers. In an adjacent room, several employees are in charge to make the grips. For it, they place a mold in a machine and later they introduce in her a special alloy that is solidified with the chosen form. Finally the finished one arrives. In another one I build work the creative ones, professionals who are taken care of to maximo by the people in charge of Marto Swords, and that single estan accessible to a handful of people to avoid the feared industrial espionage.

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