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The sword of Salomon accompanied its reign throughout.


Salomon is one of the most popular kings of the history of old Israel. He was the second son of David, king of Juda and Betsabe. 

Salomon appears, like wisest of the wise people and like a personage able to direct the spirits of the invisible world. It appears in an outstanding place of history and Literature like creator of the temple of Jerusalen. King by his father towards year 970 was named a.C in spite of the pretensions of his brother greater Adonais.


Different finished from the sword of King Salomon.

The situation was quite stable then, altered by a small confrontation with Egypt that was solved with the marriage between the Israeli king and the daughter of the Pharaoh.

Salomon structured Israel in 12 administrative regions that would be put under the payment of valuable taxes to support the great expenses of the cut, and extended its dominions from the Eúfrates river to the country of the Filisteos, and to the border of Egypt. It enslaved to the caneanos that remained in the country and established an alliance with Hiram, king of Shot (today South of Libano) what caused a powerful impulse in the economy. These alliances caused displeasure because they had taken to the establishment of foreign religious cults in Jerusalem.


Picture made King Salomon.

The main cities of the kingdom were fortified and the army was reorganized. 

The wealth ran towards Israel, and this allowed to the construction of a real palace and the magnificent temple decorated with "paneles of cedar covered of gold, columns and capitals of bronze, altar, candelabra and set of dishes of oro". The economic height derived from the alliances with Shot, brought with himself an apogee of the culture, specially Literature, music and the poetry. The tribes appeared employees more and more, and changes in the social and economic structure took place constantly, that was not received by the conservatives well, and whom to a schism between the Israeli population gave rise during the reign of Roboam.


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