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With the Victorinox or publicity knife and penknives collection you can make known the mark, company, logotype or publicity wished, trough this high quality products known all around the world.

The inscription made on them are of the same quality as the promotional Victorinox knives and pocket knives (multipurpose knives, pocket knives, clocks, key rings...) made with the most modern techniques.



the Victorinox articles are perfect for companies promotion

Publicity in the penknives are the most popular and effective object that have never existed, this states the big amount of clients all around the world. This penknives are Swiss products of highest quality, multifunctional and with high value and never go out of fashion.

There are different possibilities to make the inscriptions on the penknives and publicity items:

- Tampoprint: an elastic stamp (an ink rubber pad of silicone) takes the colour of the steel die with the engraved inscription to transfer it to the object that is wanted to mark.


The inscription with tampoprint is the more suitable for publicity  logotypes

        >Suitable for: logotypes, kinds of writing, writings.

        >Colours: of 1-5 colours depending of Pantone. RAL o HKS.

        >Durability: good.

- Metallic inlays: through a photochemical process the inlay is made of chroming steel. Following, the piece is set in the synthetic material coating for the action of pressure and heat.



Through the metallic setting it is possible to write publicity on the penknives

Due to technical motives it is only possible in publicity pocket penknives with a shiny Cellidor handle. All the letters have to be joined, characters have to be separated between them. 

        >Appropriated for: logotypes, kinds of letters and writing not too small.

        >Colours: Only in silver colour (chroming steel)

         >Durability: very good.

Setting of the publicity on the penknives can be:

- Positive: letters and metal joints.

- Negative: letters or numbers have to open (for example: A, B, D, a, b, d, 0, 4, 6, 9) Text appears in the handle colour.

- Positive/ negative combination: combining both named.

- With "superficial" setting: for thin details, which only appear on the surface of the metallic inlay (also it is possible in combination).


- Thermoengraved printing: The Printing of the inscription to a certain depth is made with a brass die of a sheet of printing for the action of temperature and pressure. Unlike of the tampoprint inscription, in this case is made with a dry  procedure.


The thernoengraved printing is used for simple publicity logotypes

        >Appropriated for: letters and thin numbers and not too small as well as simple logotypes.

        >Colours: silver, white, gold, blue, red, black, green.

        >Durability: good in case of thin letters, not appropriated  in case of thick writings and logotypes of big  surface, neither for combinations of thin and thick letters.


- Engraving: a tool milling cutter the inscription in the penknives or the publicitary article. In case of the plastic surfaces the engraving is made with relief with a colour that gives contrast (white).


The permanence of the advertising texts of the penknives engraved is very good

        >Appropriated for: small amounts of: individual names, short texts without logotypes (also special words, for example, Latin and Scandinavian languages etc..) logotypes and publicity texts.

         >Colours: in case of plastic surfaces filled with contrast white colour. In steel (Swisstool) without additional colour.

        >Durability: very good.

The  standard writing can vary size. Logotypes and publicity texts  appear in the  Swisstool  with contortion shape. Electronic information in format HPGL would be ideal.


- Electrolytic engraving: engraved by electrolytic method (electrolyte and corrosive current).



With the electrolytic engraving you can engrave any  publicity  logotype on the penknives and knifes blade. 

The publicity engraving on the penknives can be positive or negative.

        >Appropriated for: logotypes with thin lines or big surfaces and also thin or thick letters.  penknives or knives blades and steel handle Swisstool.

        >Colour: anthracite grey

        >Durability: Good.


All the engraving modes, before explaining them, can be done in different kinds of penknives and publicity articles. Used also on  Swiss army knife.

- Multi tool knife:  the "original penknife of the Swiss army knife official"  are classic since long time ago . They are practical, useful and  safe. Like in all the  Victorinox products, the use of  high alloy special stainless  steel and the most careful manufacture  guarantee the higher quality. The Victorinox emblem in metallic inlay enhances on the shiny handle of Cellidor.


On the multipurpose penknives the publicity engraving zone is bigger


- Elegant pocket knives: the key ring penknives, of great acceptance, prove their valuable utility every day. They are small, light, elegant but resistant and functional, indispensable companion. The emblem Victorinox in metallic inlay enhances on the shiny handle of Cellidor.




This publicity penknives are small, light and at the same time elegant


-De Luxe penknives:  the small penknife of the De Luxe serie is decorated with noble gold, but also some other valuable materials like sterling silvery and authentic nacre, give to this quality product and Swiss traditional the exclusivity and luxury of an idea of a valuable present.


One of the more elegant penknives where you can promote any product or company.


- Swiss Card penknife: With many secrets, applicable in all cases, this Victorinox penknife fits in the wallet or the agenda. If you need big publicity surfaces, the SwissCard is the genuine promotion article.



This publicity article is the one that has the biggest publicity surface


- SwissLite penknives: this small luminous penknife will illuminate in the  night the lock that you were  searching, the name sign close to the house door and more things: a simple "click" in Victorinox's emblem and it will bring light to the darkness.



A normal publicity penknife but with a new characteristic, a small light

- Penknives and flashlights Maglite- Sets: the beam of Maglite's light has an incredible luminosity. you can adjust light with a hand movement. In combination with the practical pocket Victorinox's constitutes an excellent idea of publicity present.



Is one of the  more used  articles as publicity present


- Traveller-Sets penknives: it is incredible the quantity of essential accessories that these kits offer. Sure, solid and functional. It is a really useful gift, that  will cause happiness and contribute to personal safety. 



this is one of the publicity products more complete and functional that we can make


-Cross- Sets penknives: Two companies of world renown gave a present to their faithful clients and in collaboration with CROSS  Victorinox have developed a set that will guarantee a value of presence constant and improvement of their publicity. 


One of the advertising ways that more prestige gives  


- Ecoline penknife: diary use models, for the demanding in professional hand or free time. The handle is matt and strong made of Nylon and very resistant  the Ecoline models have Victorinox emblem thernoengraved printed.


The publicity penknife Ecoline can be used for professional use or free time


- Victorinox Pocket penknife with block code: first class artisans first class works. Pocket tools have been developed for specially exacting works, for free time or picnic. This precision tools attract the attention  for the ergonomic design, high resistant Nylon handle and the block system. Victorinox's emblem is enhanced with red/white Tampoprint.



With this publicity penknife you take the tools you could need in your pocket


- Swisstool tools:  all the steel complement of pocket tools Victorinox has the  same qualities: functionality, universal an easy use. Thin, solid steel, elaborated with the Know-how of Victorinox, guarantees a highest quality level product . Swisstool, the class of luxury on the market of the multifunctional tools.



One of the highest quality publicity products


- Accessories for knife and pocket knives: A publicity object with a great image, valuable and long-lasting it is necessary to present it and use it in a suitable way. The wide range of accessories offers the perfect solution. The authentic leather cases give to this present a touch of noble character.


Promotional article with a very good presence. It is good as publicity product  for the best customers


 -Sets of kitchen knives: only those who have the appropriate tools, have everything under control in the kitchen. A perfect cut that fits for every use, following this principle, Victorinox, created a assortment for the modern house.


 Kitchen set where you can write your publicity, for professional use or house use

On all the mentioned articles, there can be placed publicity inscriptions individually  according to your desires.  The inscription samples are digitally picked up for our specialists and are worked  specifically in Macintosh computers for the corresponding impression procedure.


Victorinox has a wide range of publicity articles


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