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Police Penknives

Police penknives are usually equipped with single-handed opening, glass breakers and belt cutters.

What are police tactical penknives?

Police tactical penknives are tools specially designed for security professionals, whether they are police, military or civil guards. These penknives are characterized by their resistance, ergonomics and functionality, which makes them an indispensable complement for professionals who need to act quickly in emergency situations.

Characteristics of police tactical penknives

Police tactical penknives usually have a high quality stainless steel blade, with a length ranging from 8 to 20 centimeters. In addition, they usually have a quick and easy opening system, which allows for immediate use in emergency situations. They also usually have an ergonomic handle, which ensures a secure and comfortable grip.

Uses of police tactical penknives

Police tactical knives can be used in a wide variety of situations, from cutting seat belts to opening locked doors or breaking glass. They can also be used to defend against an attack or for rescue operations. In short, it is a multi-purpose tool that can be of great help at any time.


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