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Knives and penknives, swords, airguns, outdoor...

Online Shop specialized in all kinds of knives and penknives made in Spain, as well as historical decoration swords, compressed airguns and accessories for Outdoor

Knives, Albacete pocket knives, sabers, Toledo swords, swiss army knife, armour, axes, daggers and airguns: carbines, pistols and revolvers, made in Spain.

We have selected hand-crafted items from the best manufacturers and Spanish artisans, many of whom are renowned internationally. Some of our providers include Muela knives, Aitor knives, Expósito pocket knives, Marto armour, Joker knives, Nieto penknives, Andújar knives, Bermejo sabers, swiss army knife, Esparcia axes, Artol swords, katanas by Swords from Toledo, katanas by Artol, BSA Airguns and Gamo airguns among others.

In the following sections we will present our selection of knives, pocket knives, swords and airguns. We believe that these will delight any collector as well as hunting and shooting enthusiasts.

Also we have a section of airguns spare parts where it will be able to find the piece your airguns.

Gamo airguns spare parts, Norica, Bsa, Cometa, etc...



From the beginning, Spanish knives and Spanish pocket knives have enjoyed world fame.  The designs vary enormously in both shape and size: bowie knives, knives from the Canaries, kitchen knives, bayonets, machetes, Chilean 'corvo' knives, Chilean 'atacameño' knives, 'remate' knives, swiss army knife, boning knives, folding knives, survival knives and limited edition knives.

There is also great variety in the materials used to finish the knives and pocket knives.  These include red deer antler & bone, bull horn, goat horn, cow bone and many others The majority of our blades are composed of 440 stainless steel with our simpler models being composed of 420 stainless steel.

All the natural materials used in finishing the knives must be prepared using techniques that have been handed down over generations.  These techniques bring out the best in the materials and, in many cases, take several months to complete.

Some of our knives are standard issue in the Spanish, German, Dutch, Indonesian and Estonian Armies, as well as in the Spanish and French Police forces, and organisations like the UN and UNESCO.

Our knives are a tribute to the world of collecting, not only in their technical and aesthetic perfection, but also in the detail and quality of the finish.  These knives are made to delight experts and amateurs alike.

To learn more about techniques for sharpening and taking care of knives click here:  Sharpening and caring for knives and pocket knives.









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Our selection of pocket knives include typical Spanish knives and knives from Albacete as well as multi-purpose pocket knives, swiss army knife, aluminium pocket knives and penknives.  

These are selected from the best pocket knives manufactured in Spain by Nieto pocket knives, Muela pocket knives, Aitor pocket knives, Joker pocket knives and Andújar pocket knives.  
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The kitchen knives Tres Claveles and the rest of kitchen products of this manufacture they are elaborated by the familiar company Bueno Hermanos in Logroño (Spain).

This company of kitchen knife and scissors was founded in 1930 as an artisan factory and at the present time is exporting their articles from kitchen to but of 60 countries anywhere in the world.
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The Tres Claveles scissors make in Logroño (Spain) by the prestigious company Bueno Hermanos with but of 70 years of experience in the sector of cuttlery.

All these scissors make with materials of first quality and following the technical craftswomen who used our grandparents.

They have diverse types of scissors like:  Cleanliness scissors, kitchen scissors, cleanlines clamps, garden scissors, paper scissors, etc...
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Aitor knives was founded in 1939 and now it's dedicated to make mount knives, survival knives, bowie knives, hunting knives, luxe knives, scuba diving knives, big knives, etc.

At the Aitor knives, present time it is supplier of numerous armies and Official Organisms like the ONU and UNESCO
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S P Y D E R C O  K N I V E S  A N D  P E N K N I V E S

The knives and Spyderco pocket knives have an innovating design par excellence because his creator uses selected materials of first quality for the specific use that is going away to give each model.

Las to him Spyderco penknives have taken part in scenes from action of many films and novels. 
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In this section of our Web it will be able to appreciate all the Spyderco products that at the present time are concerned Spain

Spyderco pocket knives

Spyderco knife Spyderco stone to sharpen


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The Leatherman multi tool knives are chosen by the fans to the field and the activities outdoors from their appearance in the market, do about 25 years approximately.

Today LEATHERMAN is leader in the industry of the multipurpose pocket knives, which are made in the U.S.A. with a demanding quality level, having used stainless steel 100% and endorsed with 25 years of guarantee
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In this section of our Web it will be able to appreciate all the Leatherman knives collection.


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The Victorinox swiss army knife can be difficult to define, although there is no doubt that they is recognized anywhere in the world like a symbol of talent, reliability and quality and they are known like Swiss army knives.

Functions in these very peculiar and perhaps not so habitual knives exist in which we have views in our day to day. There are Victorinox knives that incorporate altimeter, chronometer with incorporated awakener, ball-point pen, lantern and the "Tool Cybernetics", that makes possible the connection to a computer, because with the miniaturization of the electronics new, new possibilities exist to add functions.
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The Böker knife factory was born in Germany, Solingen, in century XVII. There was a brown solid that given shade to the small factory of the family BÖKER, who was the inspiration for the mark and draw of her knife and penknives

At the present time, the optimal combination of cutlery culture of Solingen and the modern technology but allow him to incorporate the most sophisticated materials in their knife and pocket knives likesteel of Damascus of 320 layers, ceramics or pure titanium in its blades, and root of ambonia, thuja, to madreper or material synthetic like the G10 in its handles.
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In the German factory Böker also the knife and Magnum pocket knives make with materials of first quality, although without the identify seal of Böker "the Little tree".

We were with mount knives, kitchen knife, hunting knives, aluminum knives, micarta wood pocket knives, bone penknives, etc. along with lanterns and other accesories.
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Extrema Ratio knives was created in Prato (Italy) in 1997

The company of knives and pocket knives is coming through a considerable development on the Italian and international market.
The Extrema Ratio knife, which is technical and essential, satisfies the professional consumer which pays much attention to the innovations, but is concentrated on the functionality.



According to archaeological remains, Toledo swords were originally made by carving silex into shapes useful as tool or weapons.

Toledo is famed for its history, arts & crafts and especially, its swords.  The exact date that the manufacture of swords and knives began in Toledo is unknown, however, it is clear that the industry is as old as the city itself.

The XV, XVI, and XVII centuries were a boom period for the Toledo sword industry, marked by the formation of the Toledo Sword Maker's Guild.  During this period, craftsmen from all over Europe and even Damascus flocked to Toledo to learn the secrets if its inimitable blades; blades that have brought fame to Toledo in a way that no other city has equalled.

The first craftsmen working in the Toledo sword forge could not have imagined the success that their trade would enjoy centuries later.  With the help of the Tajo river's waters and the sands of its shores, the Toledo sword makers acquired prestige and made Spanish swords world famous.
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Next they will be able to contemplate a great diversity of swords, foils, rapieras and other arms as much of fantastic inspiration as historical, like the iberian falcata, tizona of cid sword, colada of cid sword, excalibur sword, carlos V sword, Isabel The Catholic sword, Robin Hood sword, William Wallace sword,...and the Lord of the Rings swords

Some of these are reproductions of swords kept in museums or private collections, others are the product of the craftsmen's creativity and yet others are based on models used in films.

The evident demonstration of the art of the sword is this made reality, with modern equipments and a team of prepared men who spare no efforts in the eagerness of every day to obtain products of the highest quality.





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Battle ready swords, daggers, knives, combat saber and all that you need for the medieval recreations. Paulchen swords, Hanwei, JK, etc... for combat and recreations.
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The Marto swords and Marto medieval armours, was born in Toledo in 1961 gathering the swords tradition of a family during several generations

In the present time they are making swords, medieval armors, daggers, sabers, miniatures and all the accessories related to the world of the Toledo steel, always combining a perfect tradition with a modern technology and highly qualified a human equipment
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The Spanish tradition of sword making is based in Toledo, something our master craftsmen have used to their advantage.  As a result, these sword makers are currently #1 worldwide in the field of military swords and sabers.

Our sabers can be seen adorning the uniforms of army officers on all six major continents.  Some example include the Spanish & Portuguese armies, the Mexican army and even the US army.
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The careful use of traditional methods, the experience of the craftsmen and the attention to quality are the secrets to our great collection of sabers, swords and ceremonial swords.


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Aceros de Hispania offers you a complete collection of daggers of both historical and fantastical design.  These will please any collector or enthusiast.

Between the daggers of historical origin it will be able to contemplate the dagger of Aquilles, the dagger of Merlin, and a great amount of daggers used by our ancestors the Romans.

And between the daggers inspired by fantasies it will appreciate the dagger of Terminator, the one of Robin Hood and some other dagger that has seen in some film or possibly remembers of some book that has read.
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All it maintaining technical and aesthetic the quality to which it has customary the line to him of Aceros de Hispania.

historical daggers

fantasy daggers


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Once again we have combined technology and craftsmanship to offer you this selection of axes which should meet the expectations of connoisseurs and collector alike.

Our mountaineering axes a specially designed for hunting and other outdoor activities.  They are all high quality products with a perfect finish.
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The design, technology and materials used in manufacturing airguns, air-revolvers and air-rifles have improved immensely over the years.

By combining these improvements with stringent quality control, it is easy to see why airguns, air-revolvers, air-rifles and their accessories have acquired an excellent reputation worldwide.

Below, Aceros de Hispania offers you a wide range of rifles, pistols and revolvers made by Gamo, Norica and others.  We are certain that they will satisfy the most demanding enthusiast.
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Medieval infantry and cavalry armour had their heyday in the XV, XVI and XVII centuries.  Designs from this period have been used by expert Spanish craftsmen to make decorative models and full scale reproductions.

An example of an original can be found at the Royal Armoury of Madrid, one of the largest collection of medieval armour in the world.

Aceros de Hispania presents a collection of suits of armour, breastplates, shields, gauntlets, halberds, displays, figurines and other decorative items.

Some of our shields and breastplates can be customised with your own coat-of-arms.  For more information please contact us.

Most of our weapons can be inscribed with your name at no extra cost.
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Most of the products that we arrange, we can send them with its full name recorded of a gratuitous form.

We have a selection of articles and biographies relating to our products, their history and their maintenance:

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* Maintenance and sharpened of knives.

* Carlos V.

* Spanish cuttlery of Albacete.

* The Cid Campeador. Tizona and Colada.

* Damascus steel.

* Isabel la Católica sword.

* Kitchen knives.

* Atila sword.

* Bowie knives.

* Barbarroja sword.

* Muela knives.

* Carlomagno sword.

* Nieto knives.

* Cristóbal Colón sword

* Aitor knives.

* Excalibur sword

* Joker knives.

* Iberian falcatas.

* Knives corvos and atacameños of Chile.

* Merlín sword.

* Military knives and survival knifes

* Nabucodonosor sword

* Artesan scissors of Albacete

* Catholics Kings sword

* Gerber knives and pocket knives.

* Ricardo Corazón de León sword.

* Böker knives and penknives.

* Robin Hood sword.

* Spyderco knives and penknives.

* Salomon sword.

* Argentine knives.

* Sword of templarios horsemen

* Argentine Facon knife.

* William Wallace sword

* Argentine Caronero knife.

* Roman swords

* Argentine Verijero knife.

* Visigodas swords.

* Kukri knives.

* Jineta sword.

* Fallkniven knife and pocket knives.

* The Lord of the Rings swords

* Extrema Ratio knife and pocket knives.

* Anduril sword

* Tres claveles kitchen knives.

* Arwen sword

* Tres claveles scissors.

* Frodo sword.

* Tres claveles kitchen accesories.

* Gandalf sword

* Tres claveles cleanliness accesories.

* Elendil sword.

* Columbia River knives.

* Simon Bolivar sword.

* Eickhorn knives made in Solingen.

* Genghis Khan sword.

* Sog knives. Characteristics.

* Toledo swords.

* Fox knife and pocket knives.

* Acero Toledano swords.

* Herbertz pocket knives and knives.

* Ali Atar Sword

* KA-BAR penknives.

* Rapier sword

* Knives made by Maserin.

* Scimitar sword

* Cold Steel knife and pocket knives.

* The Flaming sword

* Perceval knives and penknife.

* The Sword of Lancelot du Lac.

* Marttiini knives and penknives.

* Viking Swords

* Ham knives and its correct use.

* The Samurai sword or Katana

* Diving knife Extrema Ratio Ultramarine.

* The dagger in Rome: Pugio.

* Fulcrum knife from Extrema Ratio.


* Extrema Ratio combat knives.


* Suppressor dagger from Extrema Ratio.


* Aitor Jungle King I. Survival knives.

* Spanish medieval armors made in Toledo.

* Maintenance of kitchen knives.


* Cudeman knives and penknives.




* Gamo air carbins


* Gamo air pistols.

* Aitor pocket knives.

* Gamo air revolvers.

* Muela pocket knives.

* Blank firing pistols.

* Swiss army knife. History

* G&G airsoft guns.

* Victorinox swiss army knife.

* Airsoft guns made by ICS.

* Leatherman penknives.

* Tokio Marui airsoft guns.

* Swiss army knife

* Maintenance of airsoft guns.

* Publicity knife. Victorinox knives

* BSA airguns  History.

* Opinel penknives. History and evolution.

* BSA spring airguns. Characteristics.

* The Swiss Army Knife: Wenger vs Vitorinox.

* BSA airguns. Characteristics.


* Crosman airguns. Characteristics and history


* Umarex airguns. History and evolution


* Cometa airguns. Co2 guns

* Corintinan helmet

* Weihrauch airguns. Manufacture history.


* Brief history of air guns.


* Precharged air rifles and pistols (PCP).


* Air guns, CO2 rifles and pistols.

* Suitcases Vitorinox.

* Spring rifles.




* V-3 Gamo airgun.


* 610 Gamo airgun.


* CFX Gamo airgun.


* Realtree Gamo airgun.


* Norica Dragon airgun.


* Norica Krono airgun.


* Gamo AF-10 airgun.


* CFX Royal Gamo airgun.


* 400 Gamo airgun.


* Deltamax Gamo airgun.


* Magnum 3000 Gamo airgun.


* Gamo Delta airgun.


* Gamo Maxima airgun.


* Gamo Shadow 1000 airgun.


* Gamo Vipermax airgun.


* Gamo Viperskeet airgun.


* Gamo Hunter 440 airgun.


* Gamo Hunter 440 WT airgun.


* Norica Marvic Gold airgun.


* Gamo Maxima Express airgun.


* Gamo Shadow RSV airgun.


* Gamo Shadow 640 airgun.


* Norica Quick airgun.


* Norica Sport airgun.


* Gamo Trooper DP airgun.


* Gamo Whisper X airgun.


* Norica Titan airgun.


* Gamo Viper Express airgun.


* Gamo P-23 airgun.


* Gamo P-800 airgun.


* Gamo PR-45 airgun.


* Gamo PT-80 airgun.


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