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Bowie knife and Jim Bowie have almost become synonymous. In the early 1800's it was common place for men to carry a knife as a sidearm but it wasn't until 1830 that the famous Bowie knife was made that forever carved a niche in history for Jim Bowie.

The actual making of the Bowie knives was a progression of knife designs. The first knife was claimed to be designed by his brother Rezin in Avoyelles Parish in Louisiana and made by a blacksmith Jesse Clift in order to protect his younger brother from some of the company he was keeping

This knife was referred to by many as Bowie's butcher knife that was used at the Sandbar Fight. Another rendition of the story according to Jim's older brother John made a hunting knife for Jim which was used during the duel.  

In 1827 the famous duel occurred across from Natchez, Mississippi on a Mississippi River sandbar.In 1830 in Texas, Jim Bowie armed with the famous Bowie knife made by James Black, was attacked by three men hired to kill him. The stories flourished as Bowie wielded the heavy knife against his attackers. In the end, one man was almost beheaded, another was disemboweled and the third had his skull split open.

The original Bowie knife was 5 cm wide and 0,6 cm thick with the blade being about 30 cm long.  


Bowie knives made for Muela.



Jim Bowie was born in 1796 in Georgia and dies in 1836 in the Alamo, San Antonio (Texas), Spanish colony in Texas.


Jim Bowie popularize bowie knives.


Jim Bowie was  famous for his long knife that was named after him. A master piece of design which has not remained still antiquated. The Bowie knife is one of the fight knives more aggressive than has designed. The bowie Knife in skilled powerful hands is a mean tool made win.


Jim Bowie moved to Texas in 1828 to get married the with the daughter of the governor of the province of Texas' daughter.  Establishing his family and home, his roots were buried in Texas.

The call to Jim Bowie to protect his home land rang out clear and Jim Bowie joined the fight against Santa Anna for the independence of Texas from Mexico and was the commander of the volunteers at the Alamo.


Constructed in 1718, the Mission called San Antonio de Valero, the Alamo would eventually become the nucleus for San Antonio, Texas. The Alamo was one of the first five Spanish missions.


 Spanish mission The Alamo in Texas where Jim Bowie dies.

The Alamo was constructed as a vocational school to educate the Indians in cattle raising, weaving, carpentry and stone masonry. Originally the Alamo encompassed three acres with the protecting stone wall ten to twelve feet high.

The Alamo church  was not started until 1744 and was not finished until 1757.   The two church towers and roof collapsed in 1762 and laid in ruins.

On January 19, 1836, Sam Houston ordered the guns removered of Alamo and the walls blown up, but the order to destroy the Alamo was delivered by Jim Bowie, it was never carried out. The Alamo mission itself was in a state of disrepair with the "low barracks" building on the south side.   The west side of the Alamo was a series of adobe huts protected by a stone wall which also ran across the north side.    The east side of the Alamo was actually a two story building called the long barracks, convent and hospital.

The church of the Alamo settled itself in the south-east corner. It was only for the ideas of the Militar engineer  Green Jamesson that the mission could be strengthened. The Alamo was considered by most military experts not able to be adequately defended. Military historians agreed later than the Alamo it was possible to have defended with thousand men. The Alamo had very few possibilities of success.


Bowie knives made for Nieto.


On March 6, 1836 Santa Anna launched his final assault on the Alamo. All the defenders died, from  Guillermo Travis and his company of Cavalry.

The Alamo and his battle had very small importance in Santa Anna and the enormous Mexican Army physically, but the defeat indujo the emotional anger everywhere of Texas.

The independence of Texas was completed in Batalla of San Jacinto with the battle shout: "Remember the Alamo!".

The Alamo was retaken by U.S Army before the civil war. Today, the Alamo still exists like national monument.


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