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The knives and pocketknives are made with a special alloy that Integra elements of great resistance to the corrosion and great wealth of carbon that its weather makes possible, hardness and cuts, but that it entails certain sensitivity to acids and the salt. Of there the recommendation of a good cleaning after the use of the knives and water knives, saline atmospheres or acid fruits.

For it we recommended to apply a little from oil to the wharves of the knives and in the zones of friction to assure its good operation.  


Muela knives and Muela pocket knives are sharper perfectly.

Each piece the knife has its function. The leaf like can opener or destaponador does not have to be used, nor to use its knife or knife to raise with a lever, to send or to strike. An semiopen piece exerts on the wharf its Maxima pressure. For that reason it does not agree to maintain two pieces simultaneously driven by the same wharf, whose excess of tension can cause its breakage. We recommended a periodic cleaning with some clean metals of the pieces of brass or alpaca of its knives and pocketknives, given its sensitivity to the atmosphere.

All the tools of cut, the knives and pocketknives even must periodically sharpen with the suitable oil and angle. Next it is explained how to conduct this operation.


The knives for jamon can be sharper with chaira.

In order to avoid that the particles come off the steel become engraved on the stone decreasing the action of the sharpened one of the knife, we recommended a little oil. The most sharpened angle of is 12º. At the most one approaches that measurement, better will be the edge of the knife. With a little practice it will be easy to obtain it to him. A circular movement, without separating the leaf of the stone during the process, will give a consistent edge him. Give to the return to the leaf of the knife or pocketknife and repeat the operation insisting on these operations until obtaining the wished edge.


The mount knives and chairas can be shaper with oil.

It is possible to emphasize that for the scuba diving knives a special care makes lack. Due to the characteristics of the stainless steel of high used quality to get to obtain the suitable hardness that it guarantees a perfect cut, we advised that after each use they must be washed in fresh water, drying and if possible protected with oil or silicone to avoid its oxidation


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