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3 claveles scissors are made with different components: Carbon 0,44 %, Silicon 1,00 %, Manganese 1.00 %, and Chromium 16.00 %. The hardness of the scissors is 58 HRc Rockwell. They are made by heat treatment to a temperature between 1050 - 1922º C. Each one of the components of 3 claveles scissors give specific characteristic to him: the Carbon guarantees high productivity in the cut and sharpened, the Chromium guarantees high productivity of the tools for manufacture, the Silicon gives great tenacity, and the Manganese allows high productivity during the mechanized. In their process of manufacture 3 claveles scissors happen through different phases: all begins with a steel rod (of which we will remove the pieces to make the scissors), that piece is molded and the piece is forged, later the unusable parts take off (uneven piece), later it is drilled by the corresponding zone, and it is polished. Later the pieces are mount and screwed, finally the final details would be placed, in case of having them (like the silencer or the support-finger) Bueno Hermanos have the most modern facilities of hot forge of the market, what it offers to the client the tools of more high quality and duration.


Manufacture process of 3 claveles hairdressing scissors

The 3 claveles mark is made in Bueno Hermanos from 1.930, is the number one in sales, makes scissors of high professional quality, forged in hot. Its production is automated and artisan, with perfect artisan finished and a total quality control.   

3 claveles scissors are registered under Standard NSF/ANSI 2. They are composed by nontoxic materials, suitable to be in contact with the foods, of maximum hygiene, of sterilizable stainless steel, and accredited components. The Bueno Hermanos company makes different types of scissors, where it emphasizes the mark 3 Claveles, we can find:

- kitchen scissors: the most remarkable and complete variety of kitchen scissors, the favorites of the professionals of the sector of hostelry, and of course of the domestic use.

- needlework scissors: great variety of scissors designated to the cut and the make up, of domestic and professional use (seamstress scissors, seam scissors, scissors to embroider, scissors of tailor, upholsterers, weavers...)

- electrician scissors: cut scissors, of great diversity and resistance, very useful for the professional.


In Bueno Hermanos company we can find great variety of scissors

- stationer´s scissors: within this section we can find an ample range of scissors, cutters and accessories (office scissors, scholastic scissors, writing-desk scissors...)

- gardening scissors, scissors to prune, and grape harvest scissors: they are specific instruments of cut, of high professional quality. We can find great variety of scissors of renewed designs, adapted for all the necessities of agriculture, prunes and gardening. 

- cleanliness scissors: the only cut pieces of Spanish market made in hot drop forging, controlled individually by specialized craftsmen. We can find manicure scissors, nails scissors, scissors for nails of babies, nose scissors, scissores for skins, cuticles scissors and scissors for the moustache. Also we can find cleanliness cases with scissors, pliers, tweezers, files, knives to shaves, etc.

- hair scissors: the present technological advances allow to make scissors of more hardness and precision. We can distinguish between cut scissors, scissors to sculpt and scissors to select.

- hand-left scissors: manicure scissors, for nails, scissors fo seam and scissors for hand-left students.

On all these scissors we can be found scissors with enameled handles, nickel-plated scissors, scissors with nylon handles, with dentated blades, with blades of smooth edge, etc.

In a general way we can distinguish different parts in 3 claveles scissors:


Parts of 3 claveles kitchen scissors

1.- Blade with fine end, suitable to perforate and to guide the cut.

2.- Blade of wide end, provides a power of homogenous cut throughout all the edge.

3.- Micro teethed, micro teethed avoids that the foods being slip.

4.- Screw or nut, of robust design, to maximize the cut power.

5.- Thimbles, with ergonomic design that facilitates the use of the scissors, increasing the faying surface with the hand.

6.- Limit, of care design, to avoid accidental pinch.

7.- Redcution of shaft. Maximun hygiene, design of ample curves to facitate the cleaning

8.- Shaft.

9.- Limit.

One of the most known of 3 claveles scissors are the hairdressing salon scissors. The 3 claveles hairdressing scissors are forged in hot to a temperature between 1250º C and 2282º F, the scissors are of stainless steel AISI 420-4034. We can find several types: cut scissors, scissors to scuplt and scissors to select. The cut scissors have the two blades with straight edge, the scissors to sculpt have one teethed blade and another one with edge, and the scissors to select have two teethed blades.


3 claveles hairdressing scissors for cut and scuplt

Some of this hairdressing salon are covered by Titanium Nitride (TIN) The type of coating applied to the hair scissors is a layer of TIN by a technique known as PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) Thanks to this coating, the surface of the scissors gain considerably in hardness, since the hardness value of the TIN layer is something in the order of 2500 Vickers, around four times greater than that of tempered steel. The layer of TIN gives good resistance to erosion and to chemical agents, far superior to uncoated steel, and in corrosion test in saline mist chambers, the results obtained with this type of coating are even better than those with chrome coating. This coating is normally used in cutting and machining tools since it provides parts with greater resistance to wear and abrasion. Whithin of hairdresser´s scissors we could emphasize: scisors of curved blade: that impede the sliding of the hair, to compensate the deviation of the cut, guaranteeing the straight lines; duraluminio scissors: model of scissors with anodizing aluminium thimbles, in order to diminish the weight of the scissors and thus possible difficulties and injuries in the hand; ergonomic scissors: model with ergonomic thimbles, in order to dimishing the fatigue of the thumb and a possible injury of tendon diseases; academy scissors: optimized for the learning of the hairdressers. Of trivial structure, handle of nylon and stainless steel body with one of its blades teethed, guaranteeing the cut precision.


3 claveles hair scissors, two with Titanium covering (blue and irisado) and another one with ergonomic handles

Hot drop forginf is the best process for steel conversion in order to achieve a high quality tool. For hobbing a hydraulic hammer is used, with a striking rate of the head of two blows per second. The forged heats the rod to forging temperature, previously set by a pyrometer, and it is then cur with shears on alower die where the hobbing of the part takes place, and the forged part is deposited onto a conveyor belt which then drops it into a skip.

Next the superficial oxide scale is removed in a rotating drum, leaving the parts ready for the subsequent manufacturing processes. Bueno Hermanos S.A. have the most modern Hot Drop Forging equipment available on the market, wich combined with their 75 years experience, guerantees customers a high quality, long-lasting tool.


Forged piece of 3 claveles scissors

With respect to the conservation of 3 claveles scissors could be given some tricks:

- Always keep the scissors in a leather pouch or a case so that they will not be damaged if they get accidentaly dropped.

- To ensure smooth operation of the scissors, lubricate with a few drops of oil every two or three days.

- Aways grip the scissors by the handle so that the sweat from your hands does not get onto the blades.

- Make sure the hair is washed and clean before you start to cut it.

- Rest the scissors on a firm support to make a perfectly straight cut.

- Use a brush to clean the scissors.

- Never cut paper or any material pther than hair so as not to blunt the scissors blades.

- Use the scissors correctly when cutting hair.

In 3 claveles scissors we can find different types from screws:


Adjustable screws of 3 claveles scissors

1- Adjustable screw manually, with tensor and auto stop (click) This type of screw allows to relax the blades without losing the adjustment of average-moon.

2- Adjustable screw manually. It allows relax the blades simply with the fingers.

3- Adjustable flat screw, with plastic rigid. Classic divides screw that allows to relax the blades smoothly (thanks to ist plastic ring) with a screwdriver without losing the graze of the average-moon.

4- Adjustable flat screw. Classic divides screw that allows to relax the blades smoothly with a screwdriver without losing the graze of the average-moon.

In Bueno Hermanos company in addition of the 3 claveles scissors we can find other different marks:

- 2 claveles: of first quality, forged in hot, of automated production, with surface automated finish, and finished control of quality.

- Gaor Inox: mark made from 1.962, of standard quality, forged in hot, in stainless steel, of automated production, with surface automated finish, and finished control of quality.

- Sol: mark made from 1.945, of standard quality, forged and printed in cold, of automated production, with surface automated finish, and finished control of quality.


3 claveles Scissors

3 claveles

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