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Boker knives and Boker penknives.

In the German city of Solingen, in century XVII there was a brown solid that its shade offered to the small factory of the family BÖKER who was the inspiration for the Böker mark of its knives and penknives.

Nowadays mark BÖKER it is known him also in many countries by the name "Arbolito" by draw of the chestnut tree that appears engraving in the blade of all its knives and pocket knives.


All of Boker knives have a brown engraved in its blade.


With the passage of the years and thanks to the excellent quality, their products were known beyond the borders of their native city. There are antecedents that in 1829 Hermann and Robert Böker, their owners, were decided to incorporate the manufacture of sabers to the line of their knives and pocket knives due to an increasing demand caused by the ruling European political instability at that time.


Oriental sword of the famous manufacture Böker.


The accounting of year 1830 registered the weekly manufacture of 2000 pieces for which 64 workers in the forge were used, 47 in the roughdressing and a greater amount of assistants and apprentices for the remaining tasks. The penknives, knives, knives to shave and scissors moved to the tools and they were already the products of greater production.


Boker pocket knife famous for its design and used.


The United States, began to be one of their main markets. Also in South America, Mexico, Chile and Argentina were countries where their products spread quickly. In our country the gauchos found in the forged knives and facones that had the LITTLE TREE in their leaves, inseparable companions.

The knives and Böker penknives had all the mark of the chestnut tree marked in their leaves but its mark depended from the market to which he was destined. For Germany and France the mark was Böker, for the Anglo-Saxon countries as England and the U.S.A. the mark was TREEBRAND and for the countries of Hispanic speech so known by us LITTLE TREE.


Böker knife with the LITTLE TREE engraved in your blade.


With these antecedents the production grew quickly and the factory was every greater time. It was necessary to formalize in writing what worked many years ago without social contract. Heinrich Böker that then was in charge of the direction, was decided and in 1869 it gave name him HEINR. BÖKER & CO to the trade name of this company that proudly incarnates the own productive culture of the city of Solingen.

Already by year 1900, the knives penknife were produced in compared greater amounts every time with the rest of the assortment. The classic model 182 that by tradition still today takes place sold in so great amounts that it was difficult to supply the demand in continuous form.


Böker Penknife with a ergonomic design.


In 1925 a ray during a great storm, unloaded its lethal force on our legendary tree, reducing it to a pile of ashes. Nevertheless with some pieces of wood that survived this episode, a talented German craft carved the figure of the majestic chestnut tree that today adorns the directory of the house of Solingen, Germany.

This fact was like an omen of which it would later happen with all the facilities years, during World War II. In HEINR. BÖKER & CO no wall, no machine no knife penknife nor scissors were still on after this tragic war. Everything was reduced to rubbish and ashes.


Picture of the Solingen city, in wich is the Böker manufacture.

But new blood began again to run by the veins of this company thanks to the unconditional support of its personnel, who just a short time after finalizing the war, offered all its support to begin the reconstruction of the old building. Again their products recovered the characteristic quality and their usual markets again received them with great joy.

In 1986 the German company founds its own company in Denver Colorado, the U.S.A. that is dedicated to commercialize their knives, penknives and sabers in the great American market, crowning one long history in which products BÖKER always counted on the favor of the American public.


Böker knife with your famous tree engraved in the blade.


On the other hand, the great importance for HEINR. BÖKER & CO of the South American market and in special of the another factory in Argentina was the main reason to found in 1983. In Ezpeleta (started off of Quilmes) Pcia. of Buenos Aires, one began with the manufacture of professional cutlery for refrigerators and gastronomy, and in the last years thanks to a permanent rationalization and incorporation of own Know-How of its first house, the young branch also produces knives and sport penknives with which it competes successful in as demanding markets as European and the American (the U.S.A.) between others. 


Set of Böker knife and Böker fork.


The models of knives the PAL I and II can be mentioned made exclusively in this plant and that were awarded like one of the improvements 10 options in the American market in 1998 (Blade magazine number 02-98).

At the moment and as own result of this single way towards the excellence makes it of the splendid chestnut tree it produces without amplest some provided of knives and sport penknives of highest quality.


Böker penknives with handle of spear of red deer.


The optimal combination of cuttlery culture of Solingen and modern technology allow him to incorporate the most sophisticated materials in their products. You will be able to find steel of Damascus of 320 layers, ceramics or pure titanium in your leaves; root of ambonia, thuja, to madreper it or synthetic material like the G10 in its grips and all this with exclusive designs of superb quality and completion. All this without forgetting our gauchos for whom continuous presenting traditional spurted of leaves forged, to which also the prestigious writer Jose Luis Borges pays tribute in "El Encuentro" calling by its mark "ARBOLITO" the knife that uses one of the personages to fight itself to duel in this story.


Boker Knives



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