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This cutlery was founded by Eric Perceval and Emmanuel Chavassieux and it is located in Thiers (France).

The variety of knifes is very wide, from modern and traditional knives until hunting knives demanded by the most exigent customers.

Perceval obtains some materials, as ivory, from a legal reserve

Le français:

This pocket knife has a platinum liner lock mechanism and is mounted over bronze screw. Both mounting, finishing and sharpening are made by hand. The quality of this knife guarantees it a durable lifetime. The blade measures 9 cm. and its width 1.7 cm. It is made with steel 12C27.

The handle, it is 10 cm length, is made with olive wood and screw-mounted with Allen screws of stainless steel.


Perceval pocket knife Le Français has the handle made with olive wood.


Le Français with Damask blade:

Damask steel is constituted of several layers of different steels, welded between them and warmed strongly, stretched and folded up on the same.

Damask steel has 256 layers, is stainless and does perfects cuts. The blade measures 9 cm. and has several versions depending of the material that has been made the handle (olive, juniper tree, box elder, ebony, ivory, giraffe bone, mammoth ivory).


Le T45:

This Perceval penknife has a platinum liner lock mechanism that has been screw-mounted. Both mounting, finishing and sharpening are made by hand

It weighs 80 grams and the blade measures 7.6 cm. Both the handle and the blade are made with stainless steel.


Le T45 is a Perceval pocket knife that has detachable clip.


Le P60:

It is a Perceval penknife with automatic locking system and screw- mounted. Just like the previous, mounting, finishing and sharpening are made by hand. The handle is made by 60% of glass fibre and 40% of polyarylamides.

It is available in three colours: black, blue and grey. 



The blade of the knife Le P60 of Perceval is elaborated with steel 19C27.


Les Skin Dhu:

Les Skin Dhu Classic: This Scottish traditional knife is an essential element of the Scottish kilt outfit which is placed in the right sock. 

The blade measures 9.2 cm. and is made with stainless steel atmospheric quenching. It can be chosen between ebony handle or ivory handle. It includes a natural sheath.


Between Perceval knives Les Skin Dhu Classic you can choose between ebony handle and ivory handle.


Les Skin Dhu of Exception:  This range consits of differents knives:

Skin Dhu of Exception iron and ivory handle: This Scottish traditional knife has iron and ivory handle and incorporates a natural leather sheath. The blade measures 9.2 cm.

The Skin Dhu of Exception Ebony and Macassar Ebony: This Perceval knife has a stainless steel blade that is 8 cm. of length, and a handle that measures 87 mm. and is elaborated with ebony and Macassar ebony. It includes a natural leather sheath.

The Skin Dhu Of Exception Damask Ebony and Ivory: This Perceval knife has the same features that the previous but its characterized by its Damask stainless steel blade that measures 8.4 cm and by its handle and sheath that are made with ebony and ivory.  Also exist the version with the materials (ebony and ivory) changed of place. It is known as the Skin Dhu of Exception Damask Ivory and Ebony.


This Perceval knife has the handle made with ebony and y ivory, and also exists a version with the materials changed of place.


Hunting knifes Bowie of Perceval are a legend in the knives history. They are available with the ebony of Macassar handle or rosewood of Santos wood. It measures 42’1 cm. (28 cm. of blade).


Hunting knives Bowie of Perceval are a reference in the hunt sector.


The 9.47: This Perceval full tang table knife has been mounted by hand, as well as finishing and sharpening. The blade measures 10.7 cm. long and has been made with stainless steel. The handle, which measures 11 cm. is available in polyacetal, olive, ebony or ivory wood.


The knife 9.47 of Perceval is ready to be used in the table and it is available with several handles of different materials.


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