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Knives made in Argentina

The Argentine knives are one of the pieces that has been traditionally with the gauchos. This cutting weapon, was useful because with her the gaucho killed his meat, ate, was protected, it made other tools, and it used it like razor. 

The silversmiths were the ones in charge to make the Argentine knives among other many things.

Argentine silver knives and gold knives made artesan.


The Argentine knife, is cultural inheritance European arrival with the first conquerors of the Silver. 

He is characteristic of the Argentine knives, his way to carry it: in the boot, the waist, on the kidneys, with the handle of the knife shown towards the right flank.

Facon knife with special engravings.


The Argentine knife is used by the gaucho like weapon and instrument of work. 

To imagine to a gaucho without its knife facon, is more difficult that to imagine it without its horse. At the present time the Argentine knife continues being one of the most important tools of the field man. Many of the Argentine knives stand out by the delicate engravings in gold and silver that create dedicated to cutlers craftsmen

Criollo knife with sheat.


Within the history of Argentina it is necessary to distinguish a great variety of knives craftsmen. 

Each one of these knives of Argentina is adapt to the residence place and offices. The known Argentine knives more are the Creole knife, the verijero knife, the dagger, the caronero knife and the facon knife. 

All these knives constituted their rich range of manifestations and forms through the times.

Classes of Argentine knives:


The Argentine criollo knife:

These knives have a lanceolada blade, popularly denominates "puñales" to them;.

The art of platería Creole, adopted more to the knife like an object to being decorated beautifully and rich with silver and gold. 

Surely these knives made with precious metals were property of owners of stays, the military of high rank, politicians, or representing conspicuos of the high class of the cities, before knife utilitarian tool of the man of common field. Criollos is necessary to differentiate totally other knives; like for example, "daga" or legendary "facon".


The dagger:

It also has long and thin blade, but its blade is of double edge. The dagger was a weapon greater than the knife and minor who facon. The gauchos in general constructed with old bayonets or rest to them of swords.

Argentine knive is called Facon knife too.


The Caronero knife:

It is a dagger but of very long blade. It was transported between "caronas" from the market, from its name comes there. 

CARONERO: facon made often of saber, sword blade, etc. of great dimensions that the countryman took formerly under caronas of his message.

Caronero knife in its sheat.


The Facon knife:

It is a knife of long and tempered blade, facon Argentine was, before nothing, a formidable weapon battle that the rich countrymen had with silver blade and grip with initials recorded in the leaf or grip of the knife.

Facon knife made in Argentina.


In summary, facon knife was a formidable weapon battle, although the gaucho also has used them for other necessities: to finish or to kill a head of cattle, hunting or cuerear, and to even eat.

The verijero knife:

It is a knife of so large minor and with the small blade. It is used in the necessities in which "facon" by its form is very discomfort, its utility very is limited. It was the used knife more in the multiple tasks of the field.

Verijero knife with leather sheat.

The gaucho took this small knife, that can have the size of one of table, footwear in ingle of the side of his capable hand (in the animal "verija" inginal region of there its name).

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