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Argentine Facon knife.

They exist great variety of Argentine knives and facon knives between which are the verijero knife and the caronero knife.  

The facon knife is a knife of long and tempered blade and it was a formidable weapon battle that the rich countrymen had with leaf of silver and grip with initials recorded in the blade or grip of the knife.


Facon knives made in Argentina.


Technically one is a cutting weapon that difference of the knife (dagger) and of the dagger so that the leaf presents a single edge, sometimes small edge, in summary, the facon knife was a formidable weapon battle, although the gaucho also has used them for other necessities: to finish or to kill a head of cattle, hunting or cuerear, and to even eat.


Detail of the Facon knife.

On the origin of the name of this knife we can say that there are several versions, the most guessed right is the one than it indicates that it comes from the Portuguese language, in wich "faca" is "knife" and, becuase this,, "facon" will be "big knife".


Facon knife with its sheat.


The distinctive characteristic of the facon knife is the existence of hand guards or sparrowhawk that could have the form of a simple crosspiece "cruz" or of "ese" or of "u".

Their leaves are of a length between 30 and 40 cm in length and about 20 to 35 mm wide, in relation to their length the leaves appear "thins", they finish in a very acute end and stayed it with very good edge.

The case can be of leather or metal or combination of both with fuze or handle and toe with fold, to protect to that carried it.


Facon knife held in the waist of the gaucho, so and as took in the old.



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