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The kitchen, besides dormitory, is for almost all people, one of the most important zones in a house. Nowadays inclusively we can see that in some houses they incorporate in the same dining room, the living room and the kitchen. At present the modern kitchen are marked by the amount of kitchen accessories and utensils that we can find in her. These kitchen accessories allow that the kitchen will be much more comfortable and efficient. The kitchen utensil enrich the kitchen and as well they make it more comfortable. One of the most important sections in Bueno Hermano company makes (besides the scissors and the knives) is relating to kitchen accessories and utensils. In order to feel us comfortables in the kitchen, the indispensale is have the necessary utensils. For obtain this, 3 claveles mark can help us, 3 claveles makes all type of accessories and utensils of kitchen. We can find:


Different types of 3 claveles can opener of hand

- Tin opener (there are bronzed, nickel plates tin opener, enamelings tin opener, chromium platins...) It is a kitchen utensil invented to open conserve tins. A characteristic data of the tin opener is that the tin was invented 50 years before that the can opener. In 3 claveles company we can find revolving tin opener, simple tin opener of hand, butterfly tin opener, plier tin pener...

- Oyster opener. Within 3 claveles mark we can see professional oyster opener with polypropylene handle, oyster opener with wood handle... These oyster opener are manual, they have stainless steel defence, whats prevents that oyster opener slips towards ahead and we could be damage.


3 claveles oyster opener with wood of palisandro handle

- 3 claveles pot opener. Kitchen accessories that allows open the pot or jar without effort when clearing them the pressure, serving like handle. Its very useful for the people who dont have much force in the arms.


Pot opener, a kitchen utensil elaborated in order to facilitate the opening of the bottles

- Foam slice (we can find stainless and antiadherent skimmers) Its a kitchen utensil used to remove the fried foods and stews from the interior of the frying pan or casseroles, although also is used to remove the foam from the broths, from there comes its name. This kitchen accessory consist of a long handle and a type of dipper with trowel form, very open, and with holes in its surface so that when removing the solid foods the liquids slip by the holes.

- Slice of fried (we can find stainless and antiadherents fried slices) They have function seemed to the foam slice. Although this kitchen utensil can have greater holes, reason why it allows slip more the oil of the foods. This kitchen utensil serves to remove the fried to the frying pans, and slip them. Usually it form is rectangular or round. 


3 claveles kitchen utensils, for serve foods, to gather them of the frying pans, saucepans...

- Saucepan (stainless and antiadherent) There are kitchen utensil with long handle that serve to pass liquids from container to another one. This kitchen accessory usually is used for broths and stews, there are one of the most essential kitchen utensil. There are diverse materials, being the most common the metalist.

- Ladle (stainless and antiadherent) There is a kitchen utensil, have the form of a great spoon, usually is used to serve foods to the frying pan to the plate.

- Spaguettis spoon. There is one of the most specify 3 claveles kitchen utensil. It serves to serve espaguetis. It characteristic form facilitates that action, it prevents that the spaguetis slip on him. 

- Slice for cut-cheese. Specific kitchen accessory  for a better and easy cut of the cheese. Perfect to do cheese fillet of easy form.

- Peel-potatoes. With this kitchen utensil we will peel potatoes of a fast and comfortable form, and clearing the smaller parts of potato.


3 claveles kitchen accessories that allow cut cheese and cut potatoes 

- Disheartener: there are stainless, with polypropylene handle... These 3 claveles kitchen utensil usually is used for apples, despite also serves for tomatos or foods for fill up its interior. This kitchen accessory makes a clean cut, perfect to make novel and different plates in the kitchen. 

- Spoons for ice cream (stainless, with polypropylene handle...) They are spoons with form of average moon. From their use are obtained balls of ice cream almost perfect. An advice to use better this kitchen accesory is that whenever we are going use it we rinse it, thus the ice cream ball is given off with more facility.

- Cut-pizza (stainless, with polypropylene handles...) The pizza cutters are one of the most effective and direct form to cut pizzas, better than with the knives.

- Decorator of melon and potato (stainless, with polypropylene handle...) This kitchen accessory is elementary for make in your house a modern kitchen and novel.

- Grater of butter: grater with circular form, created specially to grate butter. Formed by curved blade, it forms a hook in its end. Its edge is dentated. There is a kitchen accessory of stainless steel and polypropylene handle. 

- Corkscrew (there are chromium platings corkscrew, with pocketknife, with handle of teflon, stainless, nickel plate...) Its a kitchen utensil, formed by a metallic spiral with a handle, with the purpose of clear the cork of the bottles. Its a kitchen accessory very popular present in almost all the homes. A good corkscrew is the one that dont require much effort, and allows extract the whole cork, without its broken inside the bottle. The corkscrews can be elaborated with the diverse materials like aluminium, polycarbonate, wood, plastic, etc. Some corkscrews incorporate cut-capsules, whose function is clear the plastic that covers the neck of the bottle. In the last years have been created several types of corscrew, trying reduce maximum the effort make when we cleared the cork. The mechanism havent varied much, but the materials and what they last.


There are much variety of 3 claveles corkscrew: with teflon handle, with pocketknife... 

The election of one or another one model depends on as you like, despite the most important is that the corkscrew was of high quality and that makes well its function. The main component of any tipe of corkscrew is the spiral, the fundamental component to remove a cork from a bottle. Some advices related to the use of the corkscrew are:

  * So that the cork go out of effective form, we must put vertically the corkscrew without arriving in the end, thus we will avoid that they take place fragments.

  * The wine specialist have the opinion that we must turn the wrist and not the bottle, so that is more aesthetic. Others think that if the bottle doesnt have deposits (that is in the majority of the cases), favors that the spiral of the corkscrew will be introduced vertically.

  * Usually it is considered that a corkscrew is good if has a lengthened pace in the spiral, and with the edges little sharpened to be able extract the cork better.

  * In addition, the spiral end of the corkscrew dont have be acute, thus avoiding to crumble the cork.

- Press-garlic: 3 claveles mark has made this kitchen accesory of graphite, of aluminium, with polypropylene handles... These kitchen utensils avoid that the scent of garlic will stick in the hands. This accessory is simply as a mini press, and is used for cut the garlics in very small parts, garlic is squashed on a sieve of small holes. This press uses the pressure of a handle to squash the garlics on a surface with small perforations. In addition this kitchen utensil avoids use the mortar.


This modern 3 claveles kitchen utensil allows us divide garlic with total facility and comfort

- Nutcrackers (there are massive, chromium platings, forged...) The nutcrackers is a kitchen utensil of stainless steel, its function is divide the nuts or dry fuits better and more easy. Its a very simple kitchen accessory, with two arms with fluted zones.

- Knives to decorate: there are kitchen accessories for make modern meals, we can find grater of lemons or the citruses decorator (of stainless steel and polypropylene handle) with them its possible made different forms with foods.

- Beater (there are stainless, of graphite, with polypropylene handles...) The beater is a kitchen utensil, it is used to mix foods. The beaters usually are constructed with curved metal rods interlaced in the handle. The use most frequent of the beaters is beat eggs to elaborate for example meringue. These kitchen accessories also can be used to make sauces, for the mixture of liquids, to mix foods of different thicknesses, etc. The beaters have different forms or designs. These accessories usually have form of globe or drop. In order to know if a beater is of high quality its necessary strike it with the hand and listen the sound, if it vibrates is of high quality. The plastic beaters dont vibrate like the beaters with metallic rods, these kitchen utensils are of smaller quality.

- Cut seafood (there are forged, stainless, with wharf and anchorage...) Kitchen utensil used to cut, open or break, the shell of the seafood.


Kitchen utensil that facilitates the the opening of the shell or skins of seafood

- Strainers (there are tin-platings, of graphite, with ABS handles, with polypropylene handles, stainless...) The strainer is a kitchen accessory that have a filter and is used to slip foods. In the kitchen we could use the stainer when we separated the food of its broth (when we slipping spaguettis or rice) The material usually is metallic. This kitchen utensil normally have form semi-spherical, in order to gather the maximum measurment of mixture. Some strainers take hooks to place them in the casserole. 

- Bottle opener (there are nickel plates, planes, curved...) The bottle opener is a metallic kitchen accessory used to open the bottles retiring the plate. This kitchen utensil have a handle that is used like handle arm to make force for open the plate. This kitchen accessory is one of the most used, for that reason usually its one of the most utensil used like gift, or like merchandising product (with logotype or image) We can find different types of bottle opener:

   * Bottle opener with short handle, very used in hostelry, so that its small and its possible put it inside the pocket. This kitchen utensil demands more effort and ability than bottle opener with longest handle. Also there are folding along with a corkscrew, or integrated in a pocketknife.

  * Bottle opener with rounded head, the movement to open the plate is of ahead to backwards. Sometimes we can see this utensil kitchen combined with a corkscrew of wings.

  * Bottle opener patch to a wall, or incorporated in a container, which is used to gather plates.

- Remove-scales (professionals and stainless) This kitchen utensil have a saw that facilitates the task of retiring the scales to the fish.


3 claveles remove-scales of stainless steel

- Savage hooks (rigid, revolving, of different diameters and lengths...) Kitchen utensils destined to hang meat or some type of food.

- Gubia (of ergonomic design, and thermoplastic material of high quality) It is used to clear bones to ham.

- Trowel for dessert (stainless, of graphite, with polypropylene handles...)Thy are used to take or serve pies, cake pieces...or any type of dessert.

- Peeled (3 claveles makes them with wood handle, with handle of polypropylene, of several uses...) This kitchen accessory of several uses adapts to the curves of vegetables and foods. Its a kitchen utensil to skin vegetables with hard skin (like cucumbers, asparagus, carrots, potatoes, and some fruits like pears...) This accessories triple the speed without risk of cut of the fingers.

- Glass scrapers: kitchen utensil indispensable for the people who have vitroceramic in the kitchen. These scrapers are used to clean the surface without damaging it.

- Grater: its one of the most used kitchen accessories, it can serve to grate cheese, tomato, bread, carrots... In 3 claveles mark we can find stainless grater, of graphite, with polypropylene handles... The grater is a kitchen utensil that usually is made of steel, with orificies on its surface. The operation of this kitchen accessory is very simple, the food is scraped on the surface of the grater, and thus the product is obtained in the inferior part. The pieces obtained usually are put on a plate or any surface.

- Magnetic rod, in order to keep the knives, with hanger. Its one of the kitchen utensils that allows order and have 3 claveles knives always accessibles. This is made in stainless steel for a better resistance. 

- Corks (hermetic, drains...):this utensil serves so that the content of the bottles conserves all its properties. There are hermetic, special for champagne and drains.

- Tongs (for meat, fish...) there are with and without shovels. They serve to remove from the fire the meat or the fish, or to give the return the foods when they are cooking.

- Spatulas (straight, curved, stainless, with polioximetileno handle, polypropylene handle, wood handle...) Its a kitchen utenisl with flat leaf, that serves basically to clear the rest of the food that are in ports, trays, plates, etc. Also its usually used to give the foods return when they are made in plates.


Diverse types of 3 claveles spatulas, of differents forms, sizes...  

We dont know really the importance of all these kitchen accessories, until we see that the manufacturer hasnt incorporated opens-easy in the package, or bottles with plate impossible to open without bottle opener, or when we threw water because dont take cork, etc.

These kitchen accessories are smallness, but they can make the life much more easy and comfortable. For that reason its possible said that the kitchen utensil are so important like the best furniture of our house, and can solve us day to day the daily domestic problems. Within 3 claveles mark we can find great diversity of kitchen accessories, all of them with a characteristic function, and helped in our task in the kitchen.

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