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The Atila sword it caused great bloodshed. 


Atila descends from a governing family of the hunos, nomadic town of Asian origin that invaded the Europe of the Southeastern towards the 370 creating an enormous empire in the following eighty years. 

Before being born Atila, the hunos reached the Danube River and agreed with Rome against the Germans of Central Europe.

In year 432, they had a main caudillo, its uncle Rua or Rugila, whose death in year 434 Atila and its Bleda brother happened to him, corregnantes that agreed to with the Empire of East the duplication of the paid subsidies to Rugila.


Sword that I carry Atila in its battles.

The eight  first years, Atila shared the power with its Bleda brother but in year 442 the own Atila, with its sword, killed its brother to exert the government in solitaire

The figure of Atila will be one of most famous between the invading towns of century V. The violence whereupon acted would give rise to the famous phrases "Down the helmets of its horse never grows grass" more;. . and "No is more spilled blood, than by the sword of king Atila...…". One of his first initiatives would be to unify the diverse tribes of hunos under its control, moment at which decided to advance towards Europe.


Atila to backs of its horse.

Then all the regions of the north were occupied with the exception of the Scandinavian peninsula. The success of these campaigns motivated that Atila directed its passages towards the West to invade the Galias. The arrival from the hunos to the regions of the north of the Roman Empire motivated the reaction of emperor Valentiniano III who ordered to general Aecio the direction of the resistance. Aecio organized to the Roman, frank troops and visigodas to defeat to Atila in the battle of the Cataláunicos Fields (451)

Atila was overcome by first and only time, and had to retire. Aecio allowed the hunos to retire The following year until the Rin., partially recovered of its defeat, Atila directed to its troops towards Italy, attacking most of the cities until being based to the outskirts of Rome without Aecio could stop it, although hambruna and the plague removed them from Italy. 


Atila with its troops in the direction of Italy.

The new emperor of East, Martian, interrupted the payment of subsidies agreed by Teodosio II and when in year 453, Atila was going to attack to him he died in the trip


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