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Fallkniven knife are a small company founded on 1.984 in Norrbotten (Sweden), that at the moment is recognized like one of the best manufacturers of Sweden knife and pocket knives, using but the modern technologies along with the old traditions

At first, they began to make Fallkniven knives but in the present time already they make related penknife, knifegrinders and other accessories.



Fallkniven made kitchen knives, mount knives, penknife for diary use and collecting knives.


Between their outstanding products are the following knives and pocket knives:


THE KRONOR knives.

The Fallkniven The Kronor knives collection, it's a serie that combines the last technology with the Sweden design.

One of the basic characteristicses of these Fallkniven knives is that its blade is formed by three layers of different types from steel.


Fallkniven TK1 knife and Fallkniven TK2 knife.

Knives with blade of laminated 3G steel and a hardness of 62 HRC.


The central blade of the knife is laminated of steel 3G with sinterized steel edge (also known like steel dust) and in the edges of the edge a stainless steel has been applied it last that it stabilizes the nucleus, obtaining therefore a balde of rigid and resistant knife in its outer parts, with a capacity to conserve the sharpened one without precedents in the inner layer of the knife

The design of this knives is combined with the tradition of Swedent, where the form is to the service of the function


Kitchen knives

The blade of the Fallkniven kitchen knives are made with VG10 steel and it's handle are comfortable, hygienic and safe, obtaining therefore a strong knife, resistant knife and with an impeccable edge, in addition ideal for the allergic ones to nickel.

In this serie of kitchen knives, Fallkniven it also offers knives with steel blade of Damascus VG10 steel resistant to oxide, which cut very well, they stay sharpened and they are comfortable to use and to clean.


Fallkniven kitchen knives with Damascus steel blade.


In order to maintain in perfect conditions these knives he is recommendable to follow the following indications:

- It does not cut congealed meat

- It does not strike bones.

- Court on a wood table.

- To wash by hand and dry inmediately

- The best edge obtains with a combined knifegrinder of diamond and ceramics


NORTHERN LIGHT Fallkniven knives.

The knife serie Northern Light it's design for Fallkniven and IT'S consists of five knives denominated under the name of five Scandinavian Gods.

- Fallkniven NL1 Thor knife.  

Fallkniven knife design for woodcutters and lovers of the field since it is a piece of great resistance and capacity of cut.


Thor knife of the serie Nothern Light with blade of stainless steel and aluminium top.


- Fallkniven NL2 Oden knife.

Knife made with laminated VG10 stainless steel and leather handle.  Characterized by its robustness and resistance.

- Fallkniven NL3 Njord knife.

Knife of laminated VG10 steel characterized by its versatility since it can be used as much by professionals as by lovers of the nature.

- Fallkniven NL4 Frej knife.

Fallkniven knife made artesan by the best artesans of Sweden.

- Fallkniven NL5 Idun knife.

Idun knife of Fallkniven one appears with two finished different ones, the knife NL5cx Idun and knife NL5 Idun.


Idun knife made for Fallkniven with leather handle.


Fallkniven pocket knives

The Fallkniven pocket knives began to make in one second phase of the company, since in its principles in 1984 they only made knives.

These Sweden knives are a precision instrument that must be taken care of since if a knife is exposed to forced work, its blade surely will bend and be difficult to fix it surely what will cause that the knife no longer serves.


TK3 Fallkniven penknife and TK4 pocket knife.

This pocket knives are made with a laminated 3G blade of stainless steel and with a black leather sheat.


The Fallkniven penknife must be cleaned regularly with hot water and detergent, being avoided oils and fats since the knives have bearings autolubricated.

The fat and similar substances absorb the dust and the dirt, and contribute to the wearing down of the knives and pocket knives  The way but easy to sharpen the knife is with a diamond knifegrinder and for the final finished one you can be used a ceramics knifegrinder.



Fallkniven Knives

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