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The utensils

The kitchen knives and the utensils are for the cooks and chefs something as important as own prescriptions. In each work he is necessary that the cook is capable with the manipulation, taken care of and perfect use of his equipment. Therefore it is necessary to include that the success of its work depends to a great extent on the knowledge of the knives that manipulate habitually.


Set of kitchen knives

The technology follows of unstoppable form growing more and plus every day. Continuously new kitchen knives, more perfect tools and machines and outposts are created. Some of these machines will learn to use reading them at great length their manual; other simpler and manual tools do not require of much explanation but he is necessary that it acquires of a good ability for his perfect use, practicing habitually with them.

The utensils and kitchen knives are so that it can make his works of comfortable and competent form. It is very important to choose correctly his equipment in each situation and moment. The set of the knives and tools of kitchen is used of constant form and generally he is quite expensive, these are sufficient reasons so that the tools must perfectly be transported and be maintained, of this form they continued working correctly for you.


Kitchen knives to cut vegetables



The kitchen knife is the basic tool of a cook. Its form, size and leaf vary according to for which it was created.

- Knife of fine and flexible leaf is the best one to trinchar meats.

- A knife of heavy and rigid leaf is adapted to divide.

It must think at great length about the election of his basic game of knives because on that election the success of its professional future will depend to a large extent

Our present knives are the descendants of the utensils that the man used does a million years. Made with bone, wood or stone, those knives were very different from those from nowadays, although still two characteristics last from their origins, and these are: the existence of a surface sharpened in a solid and hard material that supports it.


Knives of jamon.   Characterized by his narrow one and it releases leaf

The discovery and use of the iron happened 4,000 years ago. This allowed that the man acquired the ability to mold metals and, with skill, obtained the first modern knives, although these were very rustic, of enough fragility and they oxidized very fast.

At the moment the knives make in stainless steel, which is mixed in greater or smaller measurement, with carbon and other alloys. And depending on the used material to make the knife, this one will also acquire advantages and some disadvantages. For example:

Carbon steel. 

To favor: it acquires and it maintains a easy one sharpened 

In against: one oxidizes very quickly with the humidity. 


Stainless steel 

To favor: very resistant to the corrosion and of great duration 

In against: difficult to sharpen and difficult to maintain sharpened it.

Stainless steel of high carbon 

To favor: it acquires and it maintains sharpened better than the one of stainless steel. It supports very well any temperature. The corrosion 

In against: resists very well it requires of a care special to maintain it suitably, as far as cleaning and sharpened. He is very expensive. 


Super stainless steel with steel alloy 

To favor: of great beauty 

In against: very hard and almost impossible to sharpen.


To favor: always sharpened. Easy to clean and never it is corroded 

In against: extremely expensive and easy to break itself


Butcher knives. Ideals to pit and to cut all type of meats


The Rockwell scale.

The Rockwell scale  it indicates the hardness of some materials. The more elevated it is the number reached in the hard scale the more is the material. 

Most of the knives that use the cooks are in levels 54 -57 of the Rockwell scale. And shairas or steel they are in the levels 64-67. It is important to have this in account because to obtain a good one sharpened, either is due to conduct a battle of material rubbing against the more a hard one (or what is the same, with an elevated value the more in the Rockwell scale) that the knife that we try to sharpen.


Kitchen knives. Of different sizes and forms to adapt itself to all the necessities.


Knives and equipment to the cooks

The knive of chef (chef´s knife) he is the practitioner of all more because, by its size and design, he is the one that adapts better to multiple functions: to divide, to cut, to crush (if we used its flat blade), etc. The leaf of chef´s knife has a length of about 20-25 cm. The handle is very compensated and allows a perfect and safe subjection. The leaf of this knife of kitchen is wide in its base and narrows in end.

The knive of to pit (boning knife) it has a thin leaf and pointed with a length of 12cm. it is used to clear the bones to him to all type of meats, including birds, and also to pit fish. It has a size that allows him to introduce itself easily by narrow grooves; its handle great and robust is compared with the leaf to be able to exert great force in its manipulation.

The knive for vegetables (paring knife) he is small, with a narrow and pointed leaf of about 7 cm in length. It is the used knife to make small works in the kitchen like pelar, dividing, to clear vegetables, or all type of artistic and delicate works.

The knive trowel of spatula. (palette knife) it is used to raise foods, to mix and to grease all type of soft mixtures, and also to scrape and to manipulate flat meals like pancakes or crepes. Palette knife has a long blade and flexible with a cleared end and it does not have sharp edges


Spatulas of cook designed to mix foods and to manipulate soft foods.

The fork of carving (carving fork) it has two long ends and a handle of good proportions. This one is used to assure the meat when we are cutting it. Also he is very practitioner to turn and to raise meats. He is quite resistant and very able to hold heavy loads.

The peeler  is used, as its name indicates, to peeler fruits and vegetables. The leaf of the peelers has a groove that for of blade. This one I could be fixed or movable

The parisienne scoop  is a small glass with a leaf of average sphere and one is used to do small balls with our vegetables, fruits or mantequillas. To this small and practical instrument also cutter of balls or spoon for melon denominates themselves to him.

The steel is used to maintain sharpened the edge of our knives well. In English also honing can be called. Shaira is an essential tool that always must have next to its game of knives. When shaira decides to buy one is very important that it acquires harder than the knives that wish to maintain sharpened. (Considering the Rockwell scale).


Chairas can be of different sizes and forms. An essential element for the maintenance of its knives

The stone is the piece most important to sharpen our knives. Unlike shaira, that is used simply to maintain the sharpened one

In order to cut and to divide foods we will always use tables to cut (cutting board). These are, generally, of wood or nylon. In many countries the legislation it only allows, for the industrial use, sinténticas tables of nylon that, in many cases and a next future, all, it will have to be of different colors according to the product or food that you wish to manipulate. For example:

¨ Red colour for red meats (calf, lamb, pig, etc.)
¨ Blue colour only for fish and seafoods
¨ Green colour for vegetables and fruits.¨ Color marrón para carnes cocinadas.
¨ White colour for bread and baker's shop.
¨ Yellow colour for birds.

It never cuts in another type of surface (ceramic, stone or metal), since it would seriously damage the leaves of its knives


Knives of fish, axes and scissors. All the necessary one to prepare a good plate of fish.


The transport of knives

The knives and tools must very carefully of being kept and being transported for their perfect maintenance and our own security, without forgetting the security the others. For it there is great amount of products available in the market, for example:

·The blocks to store the knives (wooden blade block)
·The magnetic tapes for knives (magnetic knife rack)
·The boxes of transport the knives (knife box) that is solid or provisions for knives (knife roll) that are flexible.


Rigid briefcase for the correct transport of the knives and all the necessary material for a professional of the kitchen

The kitchen knives must of being washed and curings immediately after their use. For it it must use antigreasy detergents, clean with tempered water and dry with a smooth cloth. Maintain his knives affluent sharpened because, in opposite case, they worked for you of very deficient form causing that their work is complicated

By:  Miguel Lobato.


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